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Diesel Trailer (1985)

07 August 1985

A prostitute (Agnès Soral), released from prison, tries to change her life, but a murderous slave organization, the Consortium, is determined to bring her back to the fold or kill her, which forces her to seek help from Liberty, an anti-Consortium group.

Légitime violence Trailer (1982)

31 August 1982

Double Face Trailer (1985)

07 October 1985

The Track Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

A bunch of macho males gather in the countryside for an afternoon of wild boar hunting. During the hunt two of the men a beautiful English tourist searching for a country cottage to rent during the holidays.

Attention, the Kids Are Watching Trailer (1978)

12 April 1978

Four children blackmail the housekeeper who is in charge of watching over them while their parents are absent.

Contrainte par corps Trailer (1988)

29 June 1988

A young Frenchwoman Claire, resting with her friend on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, becoms the victim of harassment by the local police commissioner Castes.

The Passengers Trailer (1977)

09 March 1977

A man and his stepson driving across Europe are terrorized by a man following them in a pickup truck.

L'indic Trailer (1983)

06 April 1983

The girlfriend of an associate of a gangland boss, is persuaded by a police detective to inform about her lover's associates.

Le Mataf Trailer (1973)

14 June 1973

When intruders interfere in the robbery of Le Mataf (Michel Constantin) and his gang and a girl is murdered, they are set up for blackmail by an underworld figure who wants them to do a job for him.