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Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession Trailer (1973)

17 September 1973

Shurik Timofeev builds a working model of a time machine. By accident, Ivan Bunsha, an apartment complex manager, and George Miloslavsky, a petty burglar, are transferred to 16th century Moscow, while Tsar Ivan the Terrible goes into the year 1973.

12 Chairs Trailer (1971)

21 June 1971

A former aristocrat Ippolit Vorobyaninov leads a miserable life in Soviet Russia. His mother-in-law reveals a secret to him - she hid family diamonds in one of the twelve chairs they once had.

How Ivanushka the Fool Travelled in Search of Wonder Trailer (1977)

03 January 1977

A story about Ivanushka the Fool based on classic Russian fairytales.

Don't Grieve! Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

Benjamin, the local doctor is a soul of a local society, the educated, friendly, democratic person who often treats the poor for free.

Carnival Night Trailer (1956)

29 December 1956

It is the New Year's Eve and the employees of an Economics Institute are ready with their annual New Year's entertainment program.

Heart of a Dog Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

Old Prof. Preobrazhensky and his young colleague Dr. Bormental inserted the human's hypophysis into a dog's brain.

Different Fortunes Trailer (1956)

21 September 1956

The film’s young heroes happened to be the participants of several love triangles at once. Infidel

Twelfth Night Trailer (1955)

21 November 1955

Shakespeare's comedy of gender confusion, in which a girl disguises herself as a man to be near the count she adores, only to be pursued by the woman he loves.

Cinderella Trailer (1947)

28 November 1947

Based on a classic fairytale "Cinderella" brilliantly adapted by Yevgeni Shvarts.

Sportloto-82 Trailer (1982)

06 June 1982

Adventurous comedy about a bunch of people hunting the winning lottery ticket.

The Tobacco Captain Trailer (1972)

31 December 1972

Set in beginning of 1700's, when tsar Pyotr was raising from ashes Russian fleet and sent dozens young people overseas to become navigators, story tells us about proud man who changed his stars.

It Can't Be! Trailer (1975)

23 October 1975

The movie includes three diffirent skits, including different actors. The first skit is about a store owner who steals goods from himself.

A Noisy Household Trailer (1946)

15 May 1946

A comedy about an army squad guarding the fake airport during WWII.

Tiger Girl Trailer (1954)

06 June 1954

The story is about heiress of the circus family who organizes show "Let's get married" right in the cage for the tigers.

The Bat Trailer (1979)

04 March 1979

Eisenstein gets in trouble for shooting a grouse. He is told that he must go to prison for his crime.

A Comedy of Days Gone By Trailer (1980)

29 December 1980

An adventures of the famous movies characters in the movies archive.

Girl without an Address Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A provincial girl who failed to enter a theatre institute learned all advantages and disadvantages of living in the capital working alternatively as a lift operator, a housemaid and even a model at the Fashion House.

The New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers Trailer (1968)

06 June 1968

A brilliant continuation of the saga, now in the city. The target of young patriots is a map held in the safe locker in the headquarters of secret police!

A Girl with Guitar Trailer (1958)

01 September 1958

A romantic story about the girl working in the musical instruments store.

Dangerous for Your Life! Trailer (1985)

01 August 1985

A funny comedy about a very adventurous day in a life of Stepan Molodtsov - a very responsible youn man.

Did We Meet Somewhere Before Trailer (1954)

06 June 1954

Maximov and his wife Larisa Levkoyeva going to vacation, but in last minutes Levkoyeva were called back to theater.

Incognito from St.Petersburg Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

A comedy based on a classic play 'Revizor' by Nikolai Gogol.

Honeymoon Trailer (1956)

10 December 1956

A graduate of medical school, wanting to stay in Leningrad , Leningrad married - an engineer who designs bridges - Alexis.

Shadow Trailer (1971)

18 September 1971

Musical tale about a struggle between a good Scientist and his evil Shadow.

The Foreigner Trailer (1965)

10 October 1965

Funny adventures of M-me Joubert and her granddaughter Madeleine from France in the city of Odessa, USSR.

Hello, Moscow! Trailer (1945)

06 June 1945

Petia and Little Red Riding Hood Trailer (1958)

01 January 1958

A modern adaptation of the Charles Perrault's famous fairytale.

The Snow Maiden Trailer (1968)

12 October 1968

A fairytale based on the play by Aleksandr Ostrovskiy.

Serf actress Trailer (1964)

14 November 1964

The Cook Trailer (1965)

06 June 1965

A romantic comedy about a young girl who's coming to the kolkhoz to work as a cook.

Kashchey the Immortal Trailer (1944)

15 January 1944

The film is based on Russian heroic legends and folklore. In a tall mansion, the beautiful Marya Morevna is waiting for her bridegroom, the mighty warrior Nikita Kozhemyaka.

Aleksa Dundic Trailer (1958)

18 May 1958

Life and times of Aleksa Dundic, a volunteer in the Serb army during WW1, who later became a legend by fighting for the Red Army in the Russian Civil War.

A friend in court is better... Trailer (1959)

11 March 1959

Director of Museum of local lore Ivan Bazhanov, being an enthusiast of the business, went to seek the treasure, taking with him accidentally encountered him.

The Unamenables Trailer (1959)

20 June 1959

A comedy about a young girl working in a big factory tries to help two unamenable guys to become a perfect employees.

The Sleeping Lion Trailer (1965)

27 December 1965

After a shy bank employee helps to catch two robbers he becomes a totally different person.

The Adventures of Tolya Klyukvin Trailer (1964)

10 August 1964

An adventures of a young boy after taking a wrong turn on his road to home...

A Funny Dream, or Laughter and Tears Trailer (1976)

06 June 1976

A student and chess lover Andrey Popov, while getting sick the night before a chess game with a chess world champion Karpov, falls asleep and is having a dream.

We from the Urals Trailer (1943)

30 December 1943

A story about two teenagers and their life during WWII in Urals district of Russia.

Arinka Trailer (1939)

06 June 1939

Простая симпатичная девушка Аринка живёт и работает со своим отцом на железнодорожном переезде.

Kosolapiy Drug Trailer (1959)

01 January 1959

Story of animal trainers at a circus.

For the Matches Trailer (1980)

18 January 1980

In Eastern Finland, in Liperi to be exact, Anna-Liisa Ihalainen asks her husband Antti to get some matches from the Ihalainen household.

In the Old Rhythms Trailer (1982)

22 November 1982

A funny comedy about a singing detective.

Kuda Ischez Fomenko? Trailer (1981)

06 June 1981

Поняв, что Фоменко сбежал от унылой жизни, семья и товарищи иначе взглянули на отношения между собой.

Private Detective, or Operation Cooperation Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

The first private enterprises are started in the Soviet Union in the late 80s. A gang of bad guys, owners of a private restroom, kidnap a good guy - owner of a toy store.

I Vot Prishyol Bumbo... Trailer (1984)

06 June 1984

Based on the early stories by Alexander Kuprin.