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Metro Trailer (2013)

21 February 2013

Terror strikes the underground train system in Moscow in the form of a flood from a collapsed tunnel.

Piranha Hunt Trailer (2006)

06 April 2006

Agent of special department "Piranha" Kirill Mazur and his colleague Olga go to the far north with the assignment to liquidate an underwater secret weapon lab in the guise of a mutual vacation.

D Day Trailer (2008)

06 June 2008

A Russian remake of the '80s cult classic "Commando", where a retired special forces operative has to go on a final mission to rescue his daughter from the clutches of his old nemeses.

Yuri's Day Trailer (2008)

12 August 2008

A mother loses her son during a winter visit to a remote town.

To Live Trailer (2010)

03 November 2010

Early autumn, godforsaken Russian countryside. A local hunter Michail witnesses a skirmish in the middle of the forest - three men want to kill the forth, Andrey.

Tambourine, Drum Trailer (2009)

10 December 2009

Forty-five year old Yekaterina Artemovna has a hard life. She lives in a small mining town where she works as a librarian and, like her only friend and colleague, rents a little room in a project.

My Step Brother Frankenstein Trailer (2004)

21 October 2004

One day Pavel, a young man wounded in the war, suddenly shows up at the home of a Moscow scientist name Krymov and claims to be his illegitimate son.

A Real Dad Trailer (2008)

17 April 2008

Roman Shilo, a known criminal, suddenly must deal with his fourteen years old daughter and not only with her but with her little stepbrother and stepsister as well.

My Dad Baryshnikov Trailer (2011)

06 October 2011

Moscow, 1986, the heat of Perestroika. Borya is an average clumsy teenager who is miraculously admitted to the legendary Bolshoi Ballet School.

The Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger Trailer (2016)

18 February 2016

The story of three Russian Olympic champions. Ordinary people, who have become the pride of their family and country, and made history of world sports.

The Lower Depths Trailer (2014)

14 August 2014

Yuri's Day Trailer (2009)

12 March 2009

A mother loses her son during a winter visit to a remote town.