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La Oveja Negra Trailer (1987)

23 July 1987

A group of thieves and outcasts are living in a big abandoned movie theater where they have created a very friendly and very particular universe.

Cuchillos de Fuego Trailer (1990)

12 April 1990

Version of the play "Todo bicho de uña". It tells the story of revenge. The tour of the Andean, for ten years, a young man in search of the rapist and murderer of his mother, takes us into the underworld strata fairs and circuses villagers.

Borrador Trailer (2005)

22 July 2005

After several years of retirement, Roco decides to make a new film. To achieve this, he reassemble his crew: cinematographer Larsen, Nacho the cameraman, soundman Meta and Cacho, the ever loyal machinist.

Sabino Vive: Las últimas fronteras. Trailer (2015)

06 February 2015

The documentary recreates the facts in the life of the Yukpa Chief, Sabino Romero, an indigenous fighter killed on March 3, 2013, in the Chaktapa community of the Sierra de Perija in Zulia state, Venezuela.

El Caracazo Trailer (2005)

11 February 2005

El Caracazo o Sacudón fue una serie de fuertes protestas y disturbios durante el gobierno de Carlos Andrés Pérez, que comenzó el día 27 de febrero y terminó el día 28 de febrero de 1989 en la ciudad de Caracas, e iniciados realmente en la ciudad de Guarenas, cercana a Caracas.

Crab II Trailer (1984)

13 June 1984

Commissioner Leon (Miguel Angel Landa) investigates the murder of a woman in a population near the capital.

El Corazón de las Tinieblas Trailer (1990)

20 June 1990

Joseph is a sailor who returns to his aunt's home after 14 years at sea, there he will be involved is

Móvil Pasional Trailer (1994)

02 February 1994

Gyula Kodar is a commissioner who investigates the murder of an American executive. Keep track of Macabí, an ex and former lover of Mary Laya, widow of the victim.

Los Años del Miedo Trailer (1987)

01 October 1987

The political leader Alberto Carnevali, secretly returns to his country to plot against the dictatorship of Marcos Perez Jimenez.

Shoot to kill Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

During a police round-up, Mercedes witnesses the unjust murder of her son, a working-class man, by a police captain.