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Adnan Sempit Sawadikap Trailer (2014)

07 August 2014

Adnan, Bobby, Nadia and Wawa are going to Bangkok for a business affair plus a short getaway. Unfortunately, Nadia and Wawa had lost their passports.

Polis EVO Trailer (2015)

17 September 2015

Starring Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak, the film follows two policemen, Khai and Sani, who have very different personalities.

Mat Moto: Kami Mat Moto Bukan Mat Rempit Trailer (2016)

14 January 2016

The film follows the journey of fellow "mat moto", also known as bikers, who share the same interest in motorsport.

Bohsia 2: Jalan Kembali Trailer (2012)

07 June 2012

story of a bohsia's life, played by Nabila Huda. Tasha (Nabila Huda) is a girl who grew up without a family and education, forcing her to seek refuge in the underworld, amongst the street gangsters.

Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak Trailer (2009)

04 June 2009

"Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak" tells the story of three youths who each received a letter from the late Pak Sudir inviting them to his house.

Saya Amat Mencintaimu Trailer (2012)

16 August 2012

A romantic psychological thriller directed Syafiq Yusof, the youngest film director in Malaysia. Set in Malaysia and starring Shaheizy Sam as Sam himself, an ordinary guy who wants to live a normal happy life with his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife Lisa (Lisa Surihani).

Syurga Cinta Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

“Syurga Cinta” is about the love between two people with different ideologies, a Muslim boy namem

Adnan Sempit 2 Trailer (2012)

23 February 2012

The sequel to the successful "Adnan Sempit" by Ismail Bob Hashim in 2010 which told the story of Adnan, an orphaned street biker who is cared for by his aunt.

Dua Kalimah Trailer (2013)

03 April 2013

"2 Kalimah" tells the story of a couple, Aiman and a Malay-English girl Selena, who decide to return to their hometown.

Interchange Trailer (2016)

05 August 2016

Haunted by somber visions, forensics photographer Adam retreats from the world, staying home and taking photos of his neighbors until he is dragged into another investigation by his best friend, the detective Man, who asks his help to solve a series of macabre ritual murders.

Sekali Lagi Trailer (2011)

30 June 2011

Sekali Lagi tells story of Arman (Shaheizy Sam) a man with autism who comes across a little girl, Amy, as snatch thieves almost rob him.

Adnan Sempit 3 Trailer (2013)

07 August 2013

The third instalment of "Adnan Sempit" sees Adnan married to his childhood love, Nadia, and Bobby married to Wawa.

Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam Trailer (2009)

23 April 2009

The charmed story of two teenage Amy (Salina Saibi) and Tasya (Nabila Huda) with no education and family background is perfect.

Kaki Kitai Trailer (2014)

20 November 2014

Din AKA Drango and Ayoi are two friends who are also con-men. Both of them came to Kulala Lumpur only to come across and old friend of them who is now a police officer.

Mamak Cupcake Trailer (2014)

28 August 2014

On his 21st birthday, MJ (Shaheizy Sam) was given his father’s trust to inherit their family’s Mamak restaurant empire.

Kisah Paling Gangster Trailer (2013)

21 November 2013

Remy (Shaheizy Sam) worked as a paramedic who was a quiet, shy with girls, and constantly bullied by his peers.

Kasut Ku Kusut Trailer (2014)

18 December 2014

the story of a young villager named Manap, who lately has been frustrated because his newly bought shoes went missing.

Songlap Trailer (2011)

14 December 2011

Brothers Am (Shaheizy Sam) and Ad (Syafie Naswip) are involved in a baby-selling syndicate run by a woman known as Mama.

Rembat Trailer (2015)

08 October 2015

Chin Chye and Malik are two men with different backgrounds and ambitions, but they do have one thing in common - both of them are hardcore supporters of the Malaysian national football team, Harimau Malaya.

Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia Trailer (2014)

11 December 2014

A girl decides to break up with her long-time boyfriend when she realises her boyfriend is having an affair.

Adnan Semp-it Trailer (2010)

13 January 2010

Known as Nan Sempit by his friends, Adnan (Shaheizy Sam) is an orphan and a 'mat rempit' who decides to move to the big city in Kuala Lumpur after being treated unfairly by his aunt's family.

Evolusi KL Drift 2 Trailer (2010)

25 March 2010

Racing life between Zack and Sham has not ended yet. Zack is not an illegal racer like before. Now he is a professional drifter.

Niyang Rapik Trailer (2010)

13 May 2010

When a group of college students travel to a village called Niyang Rapik to conduct research for school, they thoughtlessly remove an item that desperately changes their fates and imperils the people of the village.

8 Jam Trailer (2012)

05 July 2012

A young man (Shaheizy Sam) is found guilty of a crime he did not commit and he has 8 hours to find out the truth and prove his innocence.

Aku Bukan Tomboy Trailer (2011)

17 November 2011

Aku Bukan Tomboy" is a story of a tomboy (Scha Alya) who was raised by her single-parent father after the loss of her mother when she was just a child.

Nongkrong Trailer (2012)

10 May 2012

"Nongkrong" features three different men named Aman (Angah), Bada (Sam) and Cumi (Epy) who try to obtain riches through lazy means, by buying lottery numbers.

SAM Trailer (2012)

16 August 2012

A romantic psychological thriller directed Syafiq Yusof, the youngest film director in Malaysia. Set in Malaysia and starring Shaheizy Sam as Sam himself, an ordinary guy who wants to live a normal happy life with his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife Lisa (Lisa Surihani).

Aku Ada, Kau Ada??? Trailer (2012)

24 May 2012

"Aku Ada, Kau Ada???" is a Malaysian musical comedy romance set in Korea, starring Yana Samsudin and Shaheizy Sam.

Kongsi Trailer (2011)

12 May 2011

The action-comedy directed by Farid Kamil, focuses on the investigation done by ASP Shariff (Fizo Omar) towards the killing of triad members in Kuala Lumpur.

Adnan Sempit Balik Raya Trailer (2013)

01 January 2013

Adnan returns home to his village to celebrate Hari Raya with his uncle, Pak Chah. Upon returning, he was shocked to find out that his old friend, Fatimah, who when they were young was once fat has turned out to be slim and beautiful.

Bini-Biniku Gangster Trailer (2011)

22 September 2011

Manja and Herry are your perfect everyday loving and romantic married couple. But, Manja is a leader of a pack of gangsters, which she tries to hide from Herry.

Ngangkung Trailer (2012)

10 August 2012

"Ngangkung" tells the story of a lorry driver Azim who lives a moderate lifestyle with his wife Suri and his daughter.