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​   Shin Saburi (February 12, 1909 in Hokkaidō, Japan – September 22, 1982) was a Japanese film actor noted for his leading roles in a number of films by the director Yasujiro Ozu including Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family (1941), Tea Over Rice (1952), Equinox Flower (1958) and Late Autumn (1960).

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Late Autumn Trailer (1960)

13 November 1960

The great actress and Ozu regular Setsuko Hara plays a mother gently trying to persuade her daughter to marry in this glowing portrait of family love and conflict—a reworking of Ozu’s 1949 masterpiece Late Spring.

Equinox Flower Trailer (1958)

07 September 1958

Later in his career, Ozu started becoming increasingly sympathetic with the younger generation, a shift that was cemented in Equinox Flower, his gorgeously detailed first color film, about an old-fashioned father and his newfangled daughter.

There Was a Father Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

Shuhei Horikawa, a poor schoolteacher, struggles to raise his son Ryohei by himself, despite neither money nor prospects.

The August without Emperor Trailer (1978)

23 September 1978

Taking the Chilean coup as an example, a group of young officers plan to overthrow the Japanese government on V-J Day.

Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice Trailer (1952)

01 October 1952

A childless middle-aged couple faces a marital crisis of sorts.

Rise, Fair Sun Trailer (1973)

27 October 1973

Though a farmer and his fellow villagers in this Japanese film resist the effort to turn the unspoiled region in which they live into a land development, they are ultimately unsuccessful.

Burden of Life Trailer (1935)

10 December 1935

Family drama. A middle-aged father has just married off his third daughter, but still has his nine year old son to raise whom he resents as he was unwanted.

Fountainhead Trailer (1956)

26 February 1956

A botanist woos the secretary of an industrialist whose company threatens the local water supply.

Moon Over the Ruins Trailer (1937)

05 January 1937

Episode in the life of a composer of a popular Japanese song.

The Masseurs and a Woman Trailer (1938)

07 July 1938

A pair of blind masseurs, an enigmatic city woman, a lonely man and his ill-behaved nephew—The Masseurs and a Woman is made up of crisscrossing miniature studies of love and family at a remote resort in the mountains.

The New Road, Part Two Trailer (1936)

02 December 1936

Second part of Heinosuke Gosho's "New Road" film.

The Trio's Engagements Trailer (1937)

18 July 1937

Three men vying for the same job end up chasing the same girl in this comedy-drama from noted Japanese director Yasujiro Shimazu.

The Hunting Rifle Trailer (1961)

03 January 1961

Gosho Heinosuke's film of Inoue Yasushi's celebrated novel about a lonely hunter.

Woman of the Mist Trailer (1936)

14 May 1936

Otoku asks her brother Bunkichi to speak with her son Seiichi, a young man for whom sacrificed everything but who now seems to be headed for a wastrel life.

Temptation Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

A young lawyer falls in love with the daughter of his former professor, whom he's hired to tutor his children.

Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family Trailer (1941)

01 March 1941

After the death of her husband, Mrs Toda and her youngest daughter receive a frosty welcome from the extended family.

Family Meeting Trailer (1936)

03 April 1936

A melodrama about a businessman's relations with the three women in his life.

Family Diary Trailer (1938)

29 September 1938

Two childhood friends go their own ways but meet again some years later after they have both married.

A Brother and His Younger Sister Trailer (1939)

01 April 1939

A man who works late hours at a deadening job lives together with his wife and his younger sister. The younger sister's a modern girl who's starting to receive romantic attention from one of her co-workers.

Record of a Woman Doctor Trailer (1941)

01 January 1941

A group of female doctors travel to a remote village during their summer holiday to offer free medical care to villagers.

Divorce Trailer (1952)

29 May 1952

No overview.

The New Road Trailer (1936)

30 October 1936

The eldest daughter of a noble family is in love with an aviator while being courted by a fellow aristocrat she thinks is a dullard.

The Family Trailer (1974)

26 January 1974

Adaptation of the novel by Toyoko Yamasaki.

Glowing Autumn Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

A very beautiful Japanese woman is in love with Persian carpets. She is being chased by lecherous Saburi Shin and a handsome young photographer.