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Pulse Trailer (2001)

10 February 2001

After one of their friends commits suicide, strange things begin happening to a group of young Tokyo residents.

The Taste of Tea Trailer (2004)

17 July 2004

A spell of time in the life of a family living in rural Tochigi prefecture, north of Tokyo. Though her husband is busy working at an office, Yoshiko is not an ordinary housewife, instead working on an animated film project at home.

The Happiness of the Katakuris Trailer (2001)

31 October 2001

The Katakuri family has just opened their guest house in the mountains. Unfortunately their first guest commits suicide and in order to avoid trouble they decide to bury him in the backyard.

Memories of Matsuko Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

While combing through the belongings of his recently deceased aunt, Matsuko, nephew Sho pieces together the crucial events that sank Matsuko's life into a despairing tragedy.

Taboo Trailer (1999)

18 December 1999

Set during Japan's Shogun era, this film looks at life in a samurai compound where young warriors are trained in swordfighting.

Devilman Volume 3: Devilman Apocalypse Trailer (2000)

24 April 2000

Fear runs rampant throughout Tokyo with the revelation that demons in fact exist amongst us. Paranoia and the darker side of humanity boils onto the streets as people turn on one another, suspecting that anyone could in fact be a demon hiding in human clothing.

The Incite Mill Trailer (2010)

16 October 2010

Ten people gather together at a complex named “Ankikan” after hearing of a short term job paying 112,000 Yen ($1,236 USD) per hour.

A New Love in Tokyo Trailer (1994)

17 December 1994

A look a the lives of two sex workers in Tokyo: Rei, who works as an S&M dominatrix, and Ayumi, in the more straightforward profession of call girl.

Tales of the Unusual Trailer (2000)

03 November 2000

A four-part anthology in the spirit of The Twilight Zone, this film starts off with a group of commuters stranded at a train station in the rain, listening to stories told by one of the group.

Barren Illusion Trailer (1999)

11 December 1999

In a near future where allergies have become an epidemic, music producer Haru half-heartedly dates post office clerk and mail thief Michi.

Kung Fu Kid Trailer (2007)

29 March 2007

A young martial arts student gets caught up in a series of Kung Fu adventures with a woman who manages a Chinese restaurant.

Kakekomi Trailer (2015)

16 May 2015

Kakekomi tells the stories of Edo women in the 1800s that escape abusive husbands and lovers by taking refuge in Tokeiji, a monastery in Kamakura.

Tokyo Eyes Trailer (1998)

09 September 1998

The police are tracking a man who shoots at people. But the young sister of a detective finds that he's not the mad vigilante portrayed in newspapers.

I Am Sukeban Trailer (1992)

24 July 1992

Drop Me a Cat Trailer (2003)

15 March 2003

It's the year 1999, Hei-shu (Kuroki), a long-term unemployed man, finally gets a job in a local musical band.

Demon Pond Trailer (2005)

25 May 2005

The modern-day story of a man searching for a friend who has mysteriously disappeared, with a magical tale involving strange creatures, a heartbroken princess, and a pact that can't be broken.

LoveDeath Trailer (2006)

24 February 2006

A man and a woman are together on the 'Chrysalis Day', the fatal day everything in your life will be decided depends on how you spend the day.

Sayonara Debussy - Pianist Tantei Misaki Yosuke Trailer (2016)

18 March 2016

Yosuke Misaki used to be a promising prosecutor, but he suddenly quit his job. He begins a new career as a pianist.

Tears of Kitty Trailer (2008)

26 January 2008

Eiji Morioka is legendary fighter, he is the 3rd and last Japanese boxing medalist. His life story is told from the eyes of his daughter Haruko, who is involved in checkered life of Eiji.

Our Tomorrow Trailer (2014)

05 April 2014

GS Wonderland Trailer (2008)

15 November 2008

"GS Wonderland" is about the 1960's Group Sounds bands - A Japanese pop movement inspired by the Beatles and other mid-1960's Brit Pop.

Tokyo Rhapsody Trailer (2007)

12 May 2007

"Tokyo Rhapsody" consists of 11 short films all centered around the music genre known as "Kayokyoku".

Cult Seven Trailer (1992)

18 December 1992

Kyo Kara Hitman Trailer (2009)

26 June 2009

An ordinary salaryman named Tokichi Inaba who inadvertently becomes involved in the death of a legendary hitman.

The Serialist Trailer (2013)

15 June 2013

Ippei Akabane (Takaya Kamikawa) is an unpopular novelist. He barely makes ends meet writing serials novels under different pen names.

Lost Crime Trailer (2010)

03 July 2010

Veteran detective Masatoshi Takiguchi (Eiji Okuda), who will soon retire, and his young detective partner Maki Katagiri (Dai Watanabe) track a killer in a recent murder case.

Seventh Anniversary Trailer (2003)

22 November 2003

A love fantasy directed by Isao Yukisada.

Hotoke Trailer (2001)

25 August 2001

Rai pedals his bike and trailer about town, collecting old iron and sowing flower seeds. Because his face never seems to show emotion, everybody calls him Hotoke - meaning Buddha.

The Choice of Hercules Trailer (2002)

11 May 2002

When radicals from Japan's Red Army took a woman hostage in the resort town of Karuizawa, Nagano in 1972, Officer Atsuyuki Sassa was put in charge of diffusing the situation.

Night Head Trailer (1994)

02 November 1994

Broken Heart Trailer (1995)

21 January 1995

Hero Interview Trailer (1994)

03 September 1994

Kasumi Sawaki (Honami Suzuki) works for a top-ranked newspaper publishing company as a capable economic reporter.