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Sweet Surrender Trailer (1986)

27 February 1986

Shirley has rebellious nature, she realized she was no longer able to tolerate her parents and she reckoned it was about time for her to explore the outside world.

Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday Trailer (1993)

30 April 1993

Runaway Blues Trailer (1989)

03 March 1989

Before he was crowned one of the "Four Heavenly Kings", Andy Lau starred in the 1989 gangster film Runaway Blues.

Kickboxer Trailer (1993)

06 February 1993

While master Wong Fei Hung is away traveling, the impulsive Lau Zhai (Yuen Biao), an initiate into Wong's kung fu school, begins wandering town.

The Devil Fetus Trailer (1983)

07 September 1983

It's Satanic possession and grisly gore galore in the wildly entertaining horror spectacle Devil Fetus! The story concerns the exploits of a rich family and their daughter-in-law's purchase of a mysterious old statue.

Mr Coconut Trailer (1989)

21 January 1989

Michael Hui plays the lovable "Mr. Coconut", who arrives in town from Hainan China where he lived with his coconuts.

Desire Trailer (1986)

28 June 1986

Kong Ping has a half brother Kong Shek, a playboy, and another brother Kong Fai, who was adopted by her parents, and is an honest doctor, single.

Misfire Trailer (1984)

24 October 1984

shaw production

Burn Phoenix Burn Trailer (1982)

25 January 1982

A young lady sacrificed her first love when she discovered her boyfriend had a crush on her younger sister whom she was guilt-ridden of her loss of eyesight since childhood days.

Flag of Honor Trailer (1987)

07 October 1987

Hong Kong romance set in wartime

Errant Love Trailer (1981)

02 May 1981

Kao Han (Kenny Bee) and Pan-yun (Xiu-ling Lu) meet for the first time as strangers in a pet shop. It is destiny that they meet a second time and Kao Han takes a chance in this second meeting to pursue Pan-yun.

Lost Souls Trailer (1989)

09 August 1989

The late great comedic duo of Lydia Shum and Bill Tung brought many laughs to Hong Kong in the 1980s and 90s with feisty family comedies like It's a Mad Mad World, Double Fattiness, and 1989's Lost Souls.

Wells up in My Heart Trailer (1982)

25 January 1982

A new secretary for the Hsiao family met an office boy on her first day at work. She was puzzled when he asked if she would marry into Hsiao family.

Carry On Hotel Trailer (1988)

07 February 1988

Wacky comedy filmmaker Jeff Lau (All For the Winner) directs Carry On Hotel, a madcap comedy filled top to bottom with Hong Kong stars! The setting is a five-star Singapore hotel, and the players and situations are too numerous to count.

My Cape of Many Dreams Trailer (1981)

28 March 1981

An old granny missed her beloved grand-daughter who was away in America for many years. Little did she know that her grand-daughter had met a mishap and died long ago.