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Housewife's Afternoon Delight Trailer (2010)

13 February 2010

Sayaka is a sexually frustrated housewife whose husband rarely talks and is always busy with work. But she soon finds an antidote to her loneliness and boredom in the form of a door-to-door salesman in this erotic drama.

Tomie: Forbidden Fruit Trailer (2002)

29 June 2002

A shy young girl named Tomie lives alone in a dreary house with her widowed father and is bullied by girls in her high school.

Concent Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

In her brother's apartment where he died, Yuki finds a vacuum cleaner with its cord still hooked up to the outlet.

The Gentle 12 Trailer (1991)

14 December 1991

Shun Nakahara directs this comic take on Sidney Lumet's 1957 classic Twelve Angry Men. Just as in that earlier work, this film takes place in a jury room and takes place in real time.

Lie Lie Lie Trailer (1997)

04 October 1997

Hatano is living as an insomniac freelance typesetter alone in his bayside apartment. One day, Aikawa, a high school classmate he hasn’t seen in over ten years, shows up on his doorstep bearing a bag of clams.

The Cherry Orchard: Blossoming Trailer (2008)

08 November 2008

Remake of a hit film from 1990, "The Cherry Orchard" which Nakahara himself directed, based on a popular comic book from Akimi Yoshida.

Shakotan Boogie Trailer (1987)

15 August 1987

Two friends are into shakotan, the Japanese term for low-riders. The adventure of low-riding youths includes picking up girls and cross-cultural drag racing.

Ichigo Chips Trailer (2005)

19 February 2005

Ichigo no kakera deals with a female manga artist Ichigo Nekoda (Miyazawa), whose career is heading into a downward spiral as she can't reinvent the success of her 12 year old hit the Cherry Road.

Coquille Trailer (1999)

27 March 1999

Thirty years after graduation, a man and a woman meet again at an alumni reunion. They are no longer young, but the moment she sees him, memories of her first love are revived.

Déracine Trailer (2004)

27 November 2004

A mysterious street-painter, Jouji, wanders aimlessly, homeless. Together with his homeless pals, he makes his living by selling his paintings on the street.

The Cherry Orchard Trailer (1990)

03 November 1990

At an all girl school, a group of girls annually stages a play. This year they pick Anton Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard.