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Freeze Me Trailer (2000)

23 May 2000

Chihiro is raped by three men and it is captured on video camera. She leaves her hometown and prepares to marry a colleague five years later, when one of the rapists arrives and says the others are on their way.

Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers Trailer (2005)

02 July 2005

Suzume Katagura is an bored housewife, she spends her days doing chores and taking care of her husbands pet turtle.

Aegis Trailer (2005)

30 July 2005

The Isokaze, an Aegis-class escort vessel, sets sail on a routine training exercise, playing host to a platoon from the Fleet Training Group.

Unholy Women Trailer (2006)

25 November 2006

Unholy Women (Kowai onna), is a composite of three unrelated half-hour horror movies. A compilation of 3 separate short horror films (Rattle Rattle, Hagane, The Inheritance) written and directed by Keita Amemiya, Takuji Suzuki, and Keisuke Toyoshima respectively.

Unloved Trailer (2001)

05 November 2001

Mitsuko, a thirty-something Japanese secretary, lives a very simple life devoid of ambition. She has an affair with Eiji, a rich, arrogant and newly divorced businessman who is intrigued by her retiring personnality but she quickly breaks up as he repeatedly tries to make her change her lifestyle and values.

The Most Beautiful Night In The World Trailer (2008)

24 May 2008

Betrayed and disgraced, big-city reporter Kazuya Mizuno is banished to a desk at Kaname's boring little town newspaper.

Instant Swamp Trailer (2009)

23 May 2009

After being forced to resign from her publishing company job when her magazine goes out of circulation, office worker Haname Jinchoge (Kumiko Aso) is given the name of her real father-Noburo Jinchoge when her mother (Keiko Matsuzaka) falls into a coma after nearly drowning in a pond while searching for kappa.

Aishiteyo Trailer (2005)

17 December 2005

Miyuki is a single mother with a 10-year old boy Keiji. She is eager to make him a child model. Eventually, Keiji begins to get jobs rather constantly.

River of First Love Trailer (2004)

13 November 2004

8-year old boy, Shimpei, who loves fishing and painting, lives with his beautiful mother, surrounded by nature.

In the Pool Trailer (2005)

01 May 2005

3 people suffering from psychiatric problems, and a doctor stranger than any of them.

Out of This World Trailer (2004)

07 February 2004

Five young musicians, each harboring painful memories, are assembled to entertain American soldiers at an Enlisted Men's Club.

Colors Trailer (2006)

15 July 2006

Aiki Trailer (2002)

29 November 2002

When a promising young boxer is crippled in a car accident, he falls into a life of dissipation and depression.

Scarecrow Trailer (2001)

13 September 2001

The search for her vanished brother Tsuyoshi leads Kaoru to the lonesome village Kozukata in the Japanese back-land.

800 Two Lap Runners Trailer (1994)

09 July 1994

Hakuchi: The Innocent Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

A retro-futuristic dystopia adapted from an Ango Sakaguchi novel.

The Blossoming of Etsuko Kamiya Trailer (2006)

11 August 2006

In Kagoshima, in the final days of World War II, an offer of marriage comes to Etsuko Kamiya, who lives with her brother and his wife.

The Code Trailer (2008)

18 October 2008

For 60 years, the group of detectives known as "Detective Office 5" has raised the bar for detective work.

Sixteen Trailer (2007)

26 May 2007

A story of a 16-year old girl who comes to Tokyo aspiring to be an actress.

It's Only Talk Trailer (2005)

23 November 2005

Based on an award winning novel, It's Only Talk is about the life of Yuko, a 35 year old woman. She is single and unemployed, and suffers from manic depression.

Black Kiss Trailer (2004)

01 October 2004

Asuka is an aspiring model who moves to Tokyo to pursue her career. She moves into a small apartment with a friend of a friend, Kasumi.

A Tender Place Trailer (2001)

14 July 2001

the director Nagasaki transports us to the remote barren wilderness of Hokkaido, the most northerly of the four main islands that make up Japan, in a powerful and compelling three and a half hour DV-shot epic based on an original novel by Natsuo Kirino that ostensibly deals with the search of a young mother for her missing five-year-old daughter.

Marks Trailer (1995)

22 April 1995

Police investigate a series of grisly murders.

Last Love First Love Trailer (2003)

03 December 2003

A Yakuza in Love Trailer (1997)

06 September 1997

When an innocent young country girl falls for a low level yakuza, she enters a completely different world in which the line between good and evil are quickly blurred.

Stereo Future Trailer (2001)

05 June 2001

Keisuke, an aspiring samurai-movie actor lands a major role in a new film, but must contend with a director who has nothing but scorn for him, but who continually fawns over the film's obnoxious ham of a star.

Five Women Trailer (1996)

29 June 1996

Masamichi Toyama is a loyal husband with a bad gambling debt. Mobsters out for the money track him down, beating him and raping his wife.

Mobsters' Confessions Trailer (1998)

21 February 1998

Small-time con man, Jiro (Shunsuke Matsuoka), makes his living tricking small businesses out of large sums of money.

In a Thicket Trailer (1996)

18 May 1996

Sato's re-imagining of In a Grove, on which Rashomon was based. In this version, instead of a web of lies and agendas, we get a web of desires, perversions like incest, and occult phenomenon like an oracle-demon, hallucinations, and human sacrifice.