Shunsuke Yoshida

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Lady Hunter: Prelude to Murder Trailer (1991)

21 December 1991

A female ex-soldier comes out of retirement to put a stop to the kidnapping of a young boy who is being used a political pawn.

Toriko : Eyes of a Rapist Trailer (1995)

24 March 1995

a dangerous lunatic going around breaking into the apartments of various women and brutally raping and killing them while wearing a black outfit and black bondage mask.

Never Comeback Trailer (1992)

24 April 1992

A criminal breaks out of prison and is quickly back to his old ways.

Lone Wolf Cop: The Sex Doll Case Trailer (1991)

27 September 1991

A police officer is recruited to a special agency and given a license to kill. He is given a dozen or so young policemen and a bar as a front.