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Pure Trailer (2009)

22 October 2009

Katarina is 20 years old. With a troubled past in a dreary suburb, her life seems to be already set in stone - until she discovers music.

Hotel Trailer (2013)

06 September 2013

Erika is mentally bruised and starts group therapy with people seeking absolute anonymity.

Cockpit Trailer (2012)

13 July 2012

After getting fired from his current job as a pilot and dumped by his current wife, he seeks to find a new job.

Meeting in the Afternoon Trailer (2017)

29 January 2017

She wants a divorce, a cleaning prior to death - but he refuses. Here’s an old couple that can’t stand each other, other than as memories.

Sebbe Trailer (2010)

12 March 2010

Duct tape, electrical cables, trigger, explosives. Sebbe never planned to build a bomb. It just happened.

Armbryterskan från Ensamheten Trailer (2004)

01 October 2004

The tiny village in the far north of Sweden called Ensamheten (Solitude) has sixteen inhabitants. They all share an unusual passion - armwrestling.