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Day and Night Trailer (2004)

06 August 2004

DAY AND NIGHT is about people that love and want to be loved. It's the story of a father, his young son, his unfaithful wife, her secret lover, his young mistress, his lonely sister, his forgetful mother, a fanatic football coach, a pregnant whore and an angel disguised as an old man.

Now Trailer (2003)

27 January 2003

A man and a woman meet in 1960. They marry because that's what you are supposed to do. But something goes wrong on their wedding night.

Daisy Diamond Trailer (2007)

23 November 2007

A tragic story about Anna who dreams of one thing only: making it as an actress. She moves from Sweden to Copenhagen to pursue her dream.

Bang bang orangutang Trailer (2005)

14 October 2005

An overworked and stressed out man in the middle of his career causes the worst tragedy that can happen to a family.

Wildside Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

Charming desperado Ossy, carryng a deadly secret, tracks down his childhood pal Jimmy in Iceland. But Jimmy, now with a family and a regular job, will do anything to hide his past.

Warriors of Love Trailer (2009)

07 August 2009

Ida and Karin are a lesbian couple whose relationship is threatened by a long-buried secret: Ida's father sexually abused her as a child, and serious emotional scars remain.

Heaven's Heart Trailer (2008)

29 February 2008

Two couples, old friends, end up in a heated debate over adultery at a dinner party.

Love Is in the Air Trailer (2011)

23 June 2011

Anything can happen and will happen in this romantic musical where four teenagers risk their feelings and dreams in the space of a single, extraordinary night.

The Miracle Trailer (2013)

12 October 2013

A former dancer returns for the first time in years to his childhood country village to attend his mother's funeral.