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The Secret Letter Trailer (2010)

14 October 2010

Eleven-year-old Eva is upset by the many rows between her parents and decides to run away. She wants to hide at her best friends Jackie and Thomas’ house, but circumstances bring her to her mysterious neighbour’s garden.

At Once Trailer (2006)

25 September 2006

Sabrina is a fourteen year old girl with a passion for biking. She lives with her family in a rural area, her parents have a bakery in a small village.

Diep Trailer (2005)

10 November 2005

A story about the 14 year old Heleen who makes the transition of child to adult with pain and effort in the wild 70s.

Uilenbal Trailer (2016)

12 October 2016

(Otto) Trailer (2015)

14 September 2015

A little girl accidentally leaves her imaginary baby brother behind at a restaurant — and suddenly, for a nearby childless couple, the definition of "baby" takes on a new and completely unexpected dimension.

Frogs & Toads Trailer (2009)

01 April 2009

Six year old Max has an important mission: find some frogspawn for his older brother. Together with his neighbour girlfriend Jesse he makes an adventurous and touching journey along fields, farms, animals and a forest which eventually leads to his grandma's home.

Life according to Nino Trailer (2014)

15 October 2014

Life is good for Nino van Doorn (8). He has a terrific brother Lucas (14), wise father Bruno and an angel of a mother, Marla.

Abi Trailer (2012)

18 September 2012

Exit Trailer (2001)

23 September 2001

Renate is left behind in a department store after breaking up with her boyfriend there.

Koest Trailer (2008)

07 February 2008

Infant Dédé is lonely at school and is hardly noticed in the busy family where noisy babies rule the roost.