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Baby Trailer (2016)

26 July 2016

Where the summer night slowly pivots to morning there are meetings of unexpected magic. Baby takes us on a captivating and fast-paced journey through the streets of Stockholm where tomorrow will not be as expected for new acquaintances made at night.

Noni & Elizabeth Trailer (2016)

29 January 2016

Noni is 10, and during the week she lives with her mother in Vasastan and at weekends with her father in Skärholmen.

Guerrilla Trailer (2015)

24 January 2015

Lara is an aggressive feminist who meets Adam while shooting her documentary on feminism. Between those two we see a unique relationship form.

Pussy Have the Power Trailer (2014)

27 January 2014

Pussy Have the Power is the song improvised by four girls in a recording studio. When an establishede