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The Golden Monk Trailer (2017)

30 September 2017

The film tells the story of a monk who realizes he is the reincarnation of Golden Child / Taming Dragon Lohan who was cast down from heaven to experience life and death one hundred times as he broke a sacred rule by falling in love with another fairy, Jade.

Eternal Wave Trailer (2017)

03 November 2017

Eternal Wave 密战 is a Chinese film set during the anti-Japanese occupation era starring Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han.

From Vegas To Macau III Trailer (2016)

06 February 2016

A gambler is targeted for murder during the wedding of his daughter to his protege.

Undercover Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

Feng (Shawn Yue) is a former undercover cop whose post-assignment life has begun to rapidly disintegrate.

In the Heat of Summer Trailer (1994)

31 December 1994

Five cops work and get on each other's nerves during a hot summer. Tak is a gambler, too much so for his girlfriend to risk marriage.

To Live and Die in Mongkok Trailer (2009)

19 November 2009

Set within Mongkok, Hong Kong, an area known as the most crowded in the world, a schizophrenic ex-con views his Mongkok surroundings as a prison he can't get out of after he is released from a 30 years jail sentence.

The Untold Story III Trailer (1999)

18 November 1999

Unreleated to the celebrated pork-bun movies, this titled sequel returns to the roots of the original film: a true crime drama with satirical overtones.

Kung Fu Mahjong Trailer (2005)

03 June 2005

Chi Mo Sai (Yuen Wah) meets Wong (Roger Kwok) in Auntie Fei's (Yuen Qiu) cafe and learns that Wong has photographic memory.

Teenage Trap Trailer (1984)

15 September 1984

Two teenagers arrive in Hong Kong from Guangzhou, hoping to find money and prosperity. Ah Man becomes an auto-mechanic; Lin works at an assembly line.

Colour of the Loyalty Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

As befits a full-blooded Jiang Hu (underworld) antic, COTL takes place over the course of a short, frenetic period, feeling to all intents and purposes like one night.

Love To Kill Trailer (1993)

18 November 1993

A woman looks to a cop for help against her abusive husband, who constantly rapes, beats, and belittles her and her son, but the husband catches wind of the cop's plan.

The Assassin Trailer (1993)

23 September 1993

A poor farmer who loves a woman he is forbidden to associate with becomes a hardened mercenary, and is hired by a local warlord as a professional assassin.

Code of Honor Trailer (1987)

26 March 1987

In Hong Kong, Ho Chen-tung is the aging Mob boss, living by a code of honor, keeping peace among rival factions.

My Schoolmate, the Barbarian Trailer (2001)

24 August 2001

Kids fend for themselves at a high school with a serious fighting problem.

Shiver Trailer (2003)

04 November 2003

Sammi (Athena Chu) and her husband Chan (Francis Ng) try to find ways to salvage their dying marriage after Sammi is injured during a robbery.

Legend of the Brothers Trailer (1991)

20 November 1991

Chronicles the rise of two brothers from their start in the 1940'sas illegal immigrants from China to the 1970's when they became the heads of the most powerful triad group in Hong Kong.

Devil Face, Angel Heart Trailer (2002)

09 May 2002

Lon is an assassin who is deformed. The only man he can trust is his brother, Kwan. When Lon kills a police officer, the officer's partner tries to go after him, but lets him go after seeing his face.

The Lady Iron Chef Trailer (2007)

08 March 2007

When the heir to a lucrative restaurant empire falls for a simple girl who can only cook instant nooy

Killer Trailer (2000)

24 February 2000

When friends and partners-in-crime decide to leave the dangerous crime world in hopes of securing a more peaceful lifestyle, their boss insists they complete a final mission.

The Cheaters Trailer (2001)

05 April 2001

Five youngsters, each possesses unique talent, work together as a professional tricky group. Knowing that a big trickster "King of Ghost" joins a billionaire’s corporation planning to take over the immense properties, they join the corporation respectively in order to get some benefits.

Mark of Youth Trailer (2013)

01 January 2013

Four students in a class are scheme to skip out on the College Entrance Exam.

Lady Supercop Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Chang Mi-Hua returns from Canada to take over an incompetent unit of the HK Police force.

King of Robbery Trailer (1996)

10 May 1996

After robbing countless Hong Kong jewelery shops, Ye Kuan (Simon Yam) sets out on a murderous rampage killing everything in his path.

Possessed Trailer (2002)

19 June 2002

A widowed minister investigates a potential case of demonic possession involving a college student in this ghostly feature.

Esprit D'Amour Trailer (2001)

01 March 2001

Joe Chan (Julian Cheung), an Pay-TV office manager, mourns the death of wife-to-be Winnie Tsang (Loletta Lee), while a spirit causes trouble for a pair of wrongdoers set on taking over the station.

Set Up Trailer (2005)

02 June 2005

Director Billy Chung successfully creates enormous tension in Set up as he has done in his previous work Color of the Loyalty with Wong Jing.

Paramount Motel Trailer (2000)

31 August 2000

A police officer gets tangled up in a crimelord's world.

Last Ghost Standing Trailer (1999)

11 December 1999

On New Years Eve 2000 the cinema on the 666 King's Road presents its last show before closure. Unfortunately the forces of Hell arise, who are very unsatisfied with the modern movie quality.