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Wonderful Town Trailer (2007)

08 October 2007

Takua Pa is a small town in the South of Thailand. Ever since the tsunami, people have lost their jobs and remember better times in the past.

36 Trailer (2012)

17 January 2012

A photographer loses the images needed for a filmmaker's (Sivaroj Kongsakul) new movie.

P-047 Trailer (2012)

19 July 2012

Lek is a lonely locksmith who’s never had a girlfriend. Kong is an aspiring writer who lives with his mom.

Tang Wong Trailer (2013)

12 February 2013

The film follows four high school boys: nerd buddies Yong and Jay, selected to represent the school in a science competition; ambitious Best who wants to make the school ping-pong team, knowing a scholarship could ease his family’s financial burden; and Em who, after quitting school and joining vocational college, follows his Korean obsession by becoming the leader of a dance group, and is also trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, Fieng.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Trailer (2010)

13 November 2010

Helmed by three female directors, this omnibus features three films set in China, Thailand and Singapore respectively.