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Legend of The Lich Lord Trailer (2016)

26 September 2016

A naïve young paladin with a prophesy, a drunken wizard, a barbarian, and a greedy rogue team up with a hesitant druid and a ranger to defeat an evil necromancer and a lich.

The Hunt Trailer (2013)

22 February 2013

A father son hunting trip... what could go wrong?

Sharkasaurus Trailer (2014)

11 August 2014

A paleontologist, Dr. J Jones, accidentally unleashes a prehistoric Sharkasaurus, forcing her to team up with her mortal enemy; A creationist Rev.

Deadwalkers Trailer (2012)

30 September 2012

Bounty hunter and gunman Jack Link has a knack for trouble, but when he stumbles into a town cursed with the undead, he might have bit off more than he can chew.