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Curiosity Killed Shawn Trailer (2013)

08 August 2013

A picnicking idiot follows a mysterious string to his doom.

Shawn's Big Decision Trailer (2013)

12 July 2013

A layabout cannot decide whether or not to spend the day at the beach.

Shawn is on the Trail Trailer (2012)

02 December 2012

Shawn is sent to find a colleague who might be critically injured.

The End for Shawn Trailer (2013)

25 December 2013

Shawn quits his job and passes his role on to a newcomer.

Shawn4Ever Trailer (2012)

03 August 2012

A lonely young man learns that suicide is not the answer.

Shawn's Dark Xmas Trailer (2012)

26 May 2012

Shawn has to kill a deserter on Xmas day and has doubts about his abilities.

Another Dark Xmas for Shawn Trailer (2013)

06 March 2013

Shawn spends Xmas day disposing of a dead body and marches across the land to receive a present.

Shawn's Final Countdown Trailer (2011)

07 September 2011

Shawn races to a meeting with a mystery woman.

Curiosity Killed Shawn Trailer (2011)

26 July 2011

An idiot learns not to pull the hidden strings out of society.

Shawn's Big Decision Trailer (2011)

28 June 2011

A layabout cannot decide whether or not to go to the beach.

Shawn's Delivery Deadline Trailer (2011)

02 June 2011

A loser has to make a delivery in a short time to get a cash reward.

Shawn's Treasure Hunt Trailer (2011)

25 April 2011

A bored young man sets off in pursuit of a hidden stash of treasure.