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Begum Jaan Trailer (2017)

31 March 2017

Begum Jaan is an upcoming Indian historical drama film directed by Srijit Mukherji and produced by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt.

Hemlock Society Trailer (2012)

21 June 2012

Hemlock Society is a Bengali Dark Comedy released on June 22, 2012, directed by director Srijit Mukherji, who is the director of Autograph & Baishe Srabon.

Rajkahini Trailer (2015)

16 October 2015

Rajkahini is an Indian Bengali Drama film directed by Srijit Mukherji that can be best described as a

Quadrangle Trailer (2014)

26 September 2014

Chotushkone (Bengali: চতুষ্কোণ; English: Quadrangle) is an Indian Bengali thriller film directed by Srijit Mukherji.

Jaatishwar Trailer (2014)

28 February 2014

Rohit, a Gujarati, studies the life of Anthony Firengee, and in the process meets with a mysterious man Kushawl Hajra.

Nirbaak Trailer (2015)

01 May 2015

Nirbaak is a hyperlink narrative comprising four love stories connected by a single woman. Every lov)

Baishe Srabon Trailer (2011)

28 September 2011

Several murders have taken place through out the city of Kolkata. A Serial killer is believed to be responsible.

Mishawr Rawhoshyo Trailer (2013)

11 October 2013

Mishawr Rohoshyo, a thriller, is The Egyptian Mystery to be solved by detective Raja Roy Chowdhury to unearth an Egyptian fortune.

Autograph Trailer (2010)

14 October 2010

The plot revolves around three lives - a superstar, a young director and a theatre actress - and how their coming together during the process of making a film, changes them forever.