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M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi Trailer (2004)

03 September 2004

M. Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi is the remake version of Telugu movie Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi. Kumaran (Ravi) who life is all about his mother Mahalakshmi (Nadhiya) who is separated from her husband Eshwar (Prakash Raj).

Thiruvannamalai Trailer (2008)

19 December 2008

Easwaran (Arjun) is upright and honest youth, who runs a local cable channel in Kumbakonam. He is known to fight for the cause of the society and the common man.

6 Melugu Vathigal Trailer (2013)

20 September 2013

Ram (Shaam) and Lizzy (Poonam) lead a happy life with their son Gautham (Vivedan). On the boy's sixth birthday, they take him out to the beach where he goes missing.

Palakkattu Madhavan Trailer (2015)

03 July 2015

A lazy, irresponsible man, who quits his job because his wife earns more than him, decides to adopt an old woman as his mother because she offers to pay cash for it.

Jeyikkira Kuthira Trailer (2017)

25 August 2017

Jeyikkira Kuthira is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy film written and directed by Sakthi Chidambaram.

Bongu Trailer (2016)

04 December 2016

Bongu is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language road film written and directed by Taj. The film features Natarajan Subramaniam and Ruhi Singh in the leading roles, while Pooja Bisht plays a pivotal supporting role.

Acharam Trailer (2015)

19 June 2015

Acharam is a tamil movie.Ganesh and Rekha are doing the lead roles in this movie.

Arjunan Kadhali Trailer (2016)

31 December 2016

Arjunan Kadhali crux of the movie is love and the lovers who strive hard to succeed against the orthodox old generation.

En Vazhi Thani Vazhi Trailer (2015)

06 March 2015

An intrepid encounter specialist takes on everyone who tries to rein him in and clashes with an international outcome.

Thenavattu Trailer (2008)

21 November 2008

The film starts with Kailasam (Ravi Kale), the somber bigwig is performing the last rites of some one dear to him—but the appearance of Kottai (Jeeva), first in the chaotic Koovagam festival and later atop a Veeranam pipe, swinging a scythe maniacally sets the tone for the rest of the film.

Eppothum Vendran Trailer (2014)

02 May 2014

Eppodhum Vendran Music: Srikanth Deva Cast: Sanjay, Sunu Laxmi Direction: Siva Sanmugan

Aavi Kumar Trailer (2015)

24 July 2015

Aavi Kumar, a medium, gets into a tangle after he tells a sceptical cop he has charged the wrong man for a murder.

Thirunaal Trailer (2016)

05 August 2016

An underling of a gangster decides to turn over a new leaf, but will his violent past let him do so?

Jithan 2 Trailer (2016)

08 April 2016

A man buys a house only to realise that the place is haunted by a ghost that will not let him in peace.

Murattu Kaalai Trailer (2012)

15 June 2012

Bhooloham Trailer (2015)

24 December 2015

A greedy TV channel owner tries to rake in the moolah by pitting a reluctant local boxer against a notorious international champion.

E Trailer (2006)

21 October 2006

E movie revolves around bio-war and its potential dangers and how poor gullible Indians are made victims by International pharmaceutical companies that come to India to uses its people as Guiana Pigs to test their new formulations.

Angusam Trailer (2014)

09 May 2014

Angusam is an tamil dramtic movie direction & produced by Manu Kannan. The movie starring with new face Sooraj & Jayathi Guha.

Killadi Trailer (2015)

30 January 2015

An angry young man gives refuge to a rich girl, whose arrogant mother is forcing her to marry her rowdy uncle.

Velmurugan Borewells Trailer (2014)

28 November 2014

Tamil movie, Directed by M.P. Gopi, Starring Mahesh, Aarushi, Ganja Karuppu, Music by Srikanth Deva

Paandi Trailer (2008)

23 May 2008

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Sivakasi Trailer (2005)

01 November 2005

Sivakasi (Vijay) is man with a golden heart. A do-gooder, who dotes on his mother and sister. The theme revolves round the sacrifices he is called upon to make the mother and sister happy.

Sudesi Trailer (2006)

08 May 2006

An idealist named Hindustani comes across evidence against the State's Chief Minister R.C. Narayan. He abducts his aide, a politician named Raghavchari, then fakes his death by a motor vehicle accident.

Kadhalai Thavira Veru Ondrum Illai Trailer (2014)

05 September 2014

Kadhalai Thavira Veru Ondrum Illai is an upcoming Tamil Movie. Directed by Selvabharathi. Yuvan and Saranya Mohan are in the lead roles.

Chandamama Trailer (2013)

01 March 2013

Chandhamama is a 2013 Tamil film written and directed by Radhakrishnan. The film features Karunas, Shweta Prasad and Harish Kalyan in the lead roles.

Guru En Aalu Trailer (2009)

24 April 2009

Guru (Madhavan) wants to start a company of his own. He works for his boss Krishna (Abbas), who is a successful entrepreneur leading a happy married life.

Aattanayagan Trailer (2010)

17 December 2010

Aatanayagan film is about emotional bondage between a son, who wants to take up a career in abroad and a father who plans otherwise.

Thee Trailer (2009)

27 February 2009

The story begins with Sarathy (Sundar) who is a tough and honest cop and given his straightforward nature, he is the thorn in the flesh for many antisocial elements and also the politicians.

Doubles Trailer (2000)

11 August 2000

Doubles is a 2000 Tamil film directed by Pandiarajan. The film stars Prabhu Deva, Pandiarajan, Meena and Sangeetha in lead roles.

6 Candles Trailer (2013)

20 September 2013

A father travels across six states to try and solve the mystery of his son's disappearance.

Pazhani Trailer (2008)

15 January 2008

Pazhani is a Tamil action movie with Bharath in lead role. It is directed by Perarasu and produced by director Shakthi Chidambaram under the banner Cinema paradise.

Ragalapuram Trailer (2013)

18 October 2013

Velu, a cowardly cop with a family to support, is told that he has blood cancer and so, to get insurance and keep his family financially stable, he goes on a suicidal mission, by taking on criminals singlehandedly.

Thotta Trailer (2008)

29 February 2008

Shanmugham (Jeevan) comes to Chennai with his mother in search of his father (Raj Kapoor). When they get to the place, they see him living with another wife.

Aadhinarayana Trailer (2012)

01 August 2012

Aadhinarayana movie starring Meera Jasmine and newcomer Kajan in the lead role. Meera Jasmine's role is very vital to the film.

Mosagallaku Mosagadu Trailer (2010)

09 July 2010

Overview Coming Soon...

Nepali Trailer (2008)

11 April 2008

Seval is a Tamil language action drama film released in 2008. It stars Bharath, Vadivelu, Simran Bagga and Poonam Bajwa in the lead roles.

Puli Varudhu Trailer (2007)

21 December 2007

Ramesh (Githan ramesh) son of Manivannan and Saranya. Manivannan is the leading Ad-Film maker. Karupa (Karunaas) and other friends stay in Ramesh's house as paying guests.

Pattasu Trailer (2009)

25 December 2009

Pattasu film is about how two friends sacrifice them for the sake of friendship.

Puli Vesham Trailer (2011)

26 August 2011

Munian (R.K), the innocent turned underworld dada. The naïve youngster from a remote village becomes a dreaded dada who could fix anyone and anything for money.

Bhargava Trailer (2008)

08 March 2008

Overview Coming Soon...

Arasangam Trailer (2008)

09 March 2008

Overview Coming Soon...

Vedha Trailer (2008)

28 March 2008

Vedha is a 2008 Tamil film directed by V. Nithyakumar. The film stars and in lead roles.

Chanakya Trailer (2005)

26 September 2005

Chanakya in this movie Ganesh (Sarath Kumar) is an auto driver. He is earning money to help the poor and the needy.

Ayutham Seivom Trailer (2008)

27 June 2008

Casting Sundar .C, Anjali, Vivek

Thalaimagan Trailer (2006)

01 September 2006

Thaimagan is a story of an investigative journalist Dheeran (Sarathkumar) who is intent on exposing corrupt minister Shanmugavadivelu (Mukesh Tiwari) and his stooge, the state director general of police (DGP) Alangaram (Seema Biswas).

Perumal Trailer (2009)

13 February 2009

The movie begins in a hospital, where a mafia is involved in adulterating drugs. Unfortunately, a junior doctor (Meenakshi) manages to stumble upon their anti-social act.

Kuthu Trailer (2004)

14 April 2004

The movie is about Silambarasan, who falls in love with Divya Spandana and incurs the wrath of her father.

Dharmapuri Trailer (2006)

21 October 2006

Dharmapuri movie revolves around Sivaram (Vijayakanth) who lives in exile in Rameswaram with his parents, father Meiyappan (Vijaykumar) and mother Sumithra.

Saravana Trailer (2006)

01 February 2006

Saravana (Silambarasan) and Krishna (Krishna) are close buddies in college. Saravana sees a video tape of Krishna's sister Sadhana (Jyothika) studying in London and falls in love with her.

Nam Naadu Trailer (2007)

21 September 2007

Nam Naadu is a Action based movie. It starts with Aalavandhar(Nasser) a corrupt politician who holds the post as Education minister and wants to become the chief minister.

Aalwar Trailer (2007)

12 January 2007

Aalwar is a traditional priest. He is devoted to his mother and sister. But the villainous elements Lal, Vincent Asokan, kill the sister and mother.

Aai Trailer (2004)

01 December 2004

Aei movie begins with Sakthivel (Sarath Kumar) selling electrical accessories along with his friend Palani (Vadivelu) leading a peaceful life at Palani.