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The Art of Love Trailer (2011)

23 November 2011

The Art of Love is composed of several chapters, which follows several Parisian couples.

The Count of Monte Cristo Trailer (1998)

07 September 1998

After nearly 20 years in prison, Edmond Dantes escapes the fortress Chateau d'If. He returns as the Count of Monte Cristo and recognizes that his love Mercedes has married another man.

Franck Spadone Trailer (2000)

19 July 2000

Professional pickpocket Franck Spadone and his co-horts rob a beautiful stripper (played by Monica Bellucci).

The Captive Trailer (2000)

27 September 2000

An adaptation of Proust's "La Prisoniere" (book five of "Remembrance of Things Past"). Set in Paris, France, it is a serious tale of a tragic and dysfunctional love.

Furia Trailer (1999)

01 May 1999

In a desert town, sometime in the future, a repressive government regime restricts all forms of artistic expression.

Legacy Trailer (2006)

20 September 2006

Three French hipsters and their translator travel through rural Georgia to claim a remote, ruined castle that one of them has inherited.

Dry Cleaning Trailer (1997)

24 September 1997

A bored couple takes in a young man who turns their lives inside out

In the Shadow of Women Trailer (2015)

14 May 2015

Pierre and Manon are poor. They make documentaries with nothing and they live by doing odd jobs. Pierre meets a young intern, Elisabeth, and she becomes his mistress.

Left Foot Right Foot Trailer (2014)

15 May 2014

The loss of youth and innocence can be played for comedy or tragedy. The stunning black-and-white cinematography and hypnotic electric guitar that fill "Left Foot Right Foot", as portentous as they are beautiful, are a pretty clear indication which side of the coin photographer Germinal Roaux intends to focus on in his first feature.

Workers for the Good Lord Trailer (2000)

08 March 2000

After his wife leaves him, Fred goes on a cross-country crime spree in this dark but dreamy French comedy.

Les Ronds-points de L'hiver Trailer (2016)

16 June 2016

Iris in Bloom Trailer (2011)

27 July 2011

An 18-year-old beauty develops an attraction to an older photographer.

Adolphe Trailer (2002)

30 October 2002

In the nineteenth century, Adolphe, a young man of twenty four carefree years, plans to obtain favors Ellenore, a beautiful woman of thirty years, much more vulnerable.

The Chalk Circle Man Trailer (2009)

27 October 2009

For months a strange phrase has been found scrawled on Paris sidewalks next to chalk circles containing odd objects.

Entre vents et marées Trailer (2014)

31 August 2014

Almayer's Folly Trailer (2011)

12 September 2011

A tale of an occidental merchant, Kaspar Almayer, whose dreams of riches for his beloved daughter, Nina, collapse under the weight of his own greed and prejudice.

The Art of Breaking Up Trailer (2005)

27 April 2005

Despite the fact that they love each other, a couple realize that they must "find" other (and rich) people in order to keep their frivolous, costly lives.

Almost Peaceful Trailer (2002)

18 December 2002

I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Nobel Trailer (2001)

16 November 2001

A movie from the italian director Fabio Carpi.