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Look Who's Back Trailer (2015)

08 October 2015

Adolf Hitler wakes up in a vacant lot in Berlin, with no knowledge of anything that happened after 1945.

Above Us Only Sky Trailer (2011)

15 September 2011

A woman discovers the man she has lived with for years is not who she thought he was...

Tough Enough Trailer (2006)

09 March 2006

From the youth directed novel of the same name by Greogor Tressnow comes a film by Detlev Buck that is a realistic portrait of life in the section of Berlin called Neukölln.

Harter Brocken 2: Die Kronzeugin Trailer (2017)

01 April 2017

Guten Morgen, Herr Grothe Trailer (2007)

11 February 2007

Casting Trailer (2017)

01 March 2017

For her first television film – a remake of Fassbinder’s Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant – director Vera wants the perfect cast.

Ein Reihenhaus steht selten allein Trailer (2014)

03 April 2014

After some back and forth are graphic designers Jan Börner can finally bring himself and his wife Anne and their children Lisa and Luke a terraced house in a modern housing estate to relate.

Mann kann, Frau erst recht Trailer (2012)

28 December 2012

When Tina discovers her current boyfriend, Frank, has been cheating on her, she rewrites his text to a competition in a male magazine as a story about his small penis.

In Times of Fading Light Trailer (2017)

16 February 2017

Just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the birthday celebrations of an East German family turn into a tragicomical moment of political and personal breakdown.

Phantom Pain Trailer (2009)

30 April 2009

Marc is a passionate cyclist and urban slacker who avoids work and responsibility. Marc's life changes from one moment to the next when he suffers a life-changing accident.

Sanctuary Trailer (2015)

18 June 2015

Summer 1968. 14-year-old Wolfgang is deported from his family in the secluded Church Welfare Institution sanctuary.

Tief durchatmen, die Familie kommt Trailer (2015)

01 December 2015

Amour fou Trailer (2014)

16 May 2014

A "romantic comedy" based loosely on the suicide of the poet Henrich von Kleist in 1811.

Men in the City 2 Trailer (2011)

06 September 2011

The sequel of the "Men in the city" movie which reunites all the characters.

King Ordinary Trailer (2013)

04 September 2013

Hotel Heidelberg - Kramer gegen Kramer Trailer (2016)

01 October 2016

Von Erholung war nie die Rede Trailer (2017)

25 May 2017

Ein Schnupfen hätte auch gereicht Trailer (2018)

01 January 2018

Fly Away Trailer (2012)

12 July 2012

To Make Sure? Trailer (2007)

14 May 2007

Die Anfängerin Trailer (2017)

01 September 2017

My Sisters Trailer (2014)

06 February 2014

How should you spend your time if your days are numbered? This is the question facing Linda, a young woman suffering from a congenital heart defect.

Und alle haben geschwiegen Trailer (2013)

04 March 2013

Westflug - Entführung aus Liebe Trailer (2010)

26 September 2010

1978. In a desperate act of love, a plane is hijacked in East Germany and forced to land in the American Sector of West Berlin, triggering a Cold War crisis and forcing 60 hapless passengers to decide in minutes whether to give up everything and stay in the West.

Miss Sixty Trailer (2014)

24 April 2014

Now that we’re all living longer and “40 is the new 30,” why can’t 60 be the new 40? That’s what Louise and Frans think when they embark on bold new life adventures.

Eins ist nicht von dir Trailer (2015)

05 June 2015

Time Heroes Trailer (2016)

01 August 2016

Berlin students Ben, Jonas, Leo, Ozzi and Sophie are on a class trip to "boring" Hildesheim. Their schedule includes visiting the medieval cathedral and witnessing a complete solar eclipse, but destiny intervenes… A bomb goes off at the cathedral and the students are evacuated by the police, only to find themselves in the clutches of an occult secret society calling themselves the Lunaris Cult, who aim to use an ancient pagan artifact, the Irminsul, to harness the vital force of their teenage captives and use it for their own purposes on the eclipse.

Hotel Heidelberg - Kommen und gehen Trailer (2016)

01 June 2016

Die Toten von Hameln Trailer (2014)

18 May 2014

Schaumküsse Trailer (2009)

21 October 2009

Lilly's life is perfect until she gets pregnant unexpectedly. Her boyfriend Christian panics making a disillusioned Lilly leave him.

Marry Me! Trailer (2015)

02 July 2015

Platonow Trailer (2015)

12 December 2015

Salami Aleikum Trailer (2009)

22 July 2009

No overview found.

Ohne Dich Trailer (2014)

02 January 2014

Die Deutschlehrerin Trailer (2015)

19 October 2015

Die Akte Golgatha Trailer (2010)

29 June 2010

Die Akte Golgatha ​​(or: Akte Golgatha) is a TV movie from 2010, produced by UFA TV production. The film is based on a novel by Philipp Vandenberg and combines elements of an adventure film with a comedy.

Schmitke Trailer (2014)

05 October 2014

Schmitke is an old German wind turbine engineer. One day, he is dispatched to the Czech side of the Ore Mountains to fix an old squeaking wind turbine.

Nachbarn süß-sauer Trailer (2014)

20 May 2014

Freiland Trailer (2014)

08 August 2014

A few people decide to found their own little state n the middle of Germany, near Berlin...

Marie Brand und die offene Rechnung Trailer (2013)

23 January 2013

Die Wölfe Trailer (2009)

29 January 2009

2 für alle Fälle - Ein Song für den Mörder Trailer (2010)

11 March 2010

Die letzten Millionen Trailer (2014)

03 October 2014

Ein guter Sommer Trailer (2011)

29 June 2011

Der Mann aus der Pfalz Trailer (2009)

20 October 2009

A docudrama about Germany's former chancellor Helmut Kohl, whose 16-year tenure during the 80s and 90s included the reunification of the country after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Schmidt & Schwarz Trailer (2012)

21 May 2012

Mein Song für Dich Trailer (2010)

05 December 2010

Rindvieh à la carte Trailer (2011)

12 December 2011

Haus und Kind Trailer (2009)

28 August 2009

Geile Zeiten Trailer (2006)

28 February 2006

Zum Kuckuck mit der Liebe Trailer (2012)

03 February 2012

Mitte 30 Trailer (2008)

13 February 2008

No overview found.

Liebe und andere Delikatessen Trailer (2010)

05 February 2010

Allein unter Töchtern Trailer (2007)

16 October 2007

Das Glück ist eine ernste Sache Trailer (2009)

29 September 2009

Für meine Kinder tu' ich alles Trailer (2009)

16 February 2009

Ganz nah bei dir Trailer (2008)

29 January 2008

GG 19 – Deutschland in 19 Artikeln Trailer (2007)

31 May 2007