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Endorphine Trailer (2015)

11 September 2015

Twelve-year-old Simone feels painfully disconnected from the world after witnessing the brutal death of her mother.

Cosmos Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Through an immigrant cab driver, our world collides with a nervous filmmaker, a lawyer whose new breasts her ex-boyfriend wants to see, a mystery man, a gay man who might or might not have AIDS, and a birthday girl who got stood up.

Un paradis pour tous Trailer (2016)

01 April 2016

Un paradis pour tous is a satirical comedy about tax evasion.

La Moitié gauche du frigo Trailer (2000)

13 September 2000

Christophe agrees to be filmed by his roommate Stéphane, while he is searching for a meaningful engineering job.

La bouteille Trailer (2000)

13 October 2000

Dans une galaxie près de chez vous 2 Trailer (2008)

18 April 2008

The crew aboard the Romano Fafard spaceship continues their mission. Captain Patenaude and his acolytes land on planet: Crème hydratante pour le visage - soulage la peau sèche (moisturing cream for the face, soothes dry skin!) in hopes of finding the ship’s probe, accidentally crashed, that they must have in order to move the Earthlings.

Dans une galaxie près de chez vous, le film Trailer (2004)

09 April 2004

The movie chronicles the long, futuristic voyage of a team of Québécois space explorers looking for a planet capable of sustaining life, in the year 2034, after the destruction of the ozone layer through excessive human pollution, prompting the need for a new planet to welcome humankind.