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Stephane Gauger is a Vietnamese-American film director, screenwriter, and cinematographer.

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Powder Blue Trailer (2009)

08 May 2009

On the gritty streets of LA, the destinies of four people desperate for connection and redemption are about to collide.

Six-String Samurai Trailer (1998)

18 September 1998

In a post-apocalyptic world where the Russians have taken over a nuked USA and Elvis is king of Lost Vegas, Buddy is a '50s rocker and wandering warrior rolled into one, too-cool package.

The Rebel Trailer (2007)

27 April 2007

1920s. Vietnam under colonial French ruling. Anti-French rebellions emerge all over the country to disrupt the foreign occupiers.

The Housemaid Trailer (2016)

16 September 2016

When an orphaned Vietnamese girl is hired to be a housemaid at a haunted rubber plantation in 1953 French Indochina, she unexpectedly falls in love with the French landowner and awakens the vengeful ghost of his dead wife.

Owl and the Sparrow Trailer (2007)

01 February 2007

In modern-day Saigon, three lonely strangers form a unique family as a ten-year old orphan plays matchmaker to a zookeeper and a beautiful flight attendant.

Kiss & Spell Trailer (2017)

25 August 2017

When a ghost-fearing magician falls for his staffer, who happens to be haunted by her dead best friend, he must face his fears while convincing her he'd make an excellent boyfriend.

Yellow Face Trailer (2013)

08 June 2013

A YouTube adaption of David Henry Hwang's play about race, identity, politics, and casting.

Saigon Electric Trailer (2011)

22 April 2011

Mai, a ribbon dancer from the countryside arrives in Saigon and befriends Kim, a street dancer. A promise of a better life leads their dance crew to the big competition, but a romance with a rich kid threatens to derail Kim's plans.