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Steven St. Croix (born in Los Angeles, California) was an actor and director in adult films. He has been in more than 800 films, and has won multiple AVN awards. He was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2005. In 1996, St. Croix became the first man to sign a contract with one of the adult industry's largest video production companies, Vivid Video. Shortly thereafter he generated notable media attention when Vivid president Steven Hirsch took out a one million dollar insurance policy on St. Croix's genitalia, citing concerns for a potential motorcycle injury as the cause.

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Pirates Trailer (2005)

26 September 2005

This electrifying, swashbuckling sex-adventure takes you on a humorous and mystical journey through haunted seas and deep into the abyss of our most lustful desires.

Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge Trailer (2008)

27 September 2008

Pirate hunter Captain Edward Reynolds and his blond first mate, Jules Steel, return where they are recruited by a shady governor general to find a darkly sinister Chinese empress pirate, named Xifing, and her group of Arab cutthroats, whom are trying to resurrect the late Victor Stagnetti, the world's most feared pirate, from the grave to bring on world domination.

Sisters of Anarchy Trailer (2014)

14 October 2014

Bonnie Rotten plays Jackie, the leader of the Sisters of Anarchy motorcycle club. When someone snitches to the feds, it’s her responsibility to save the club and protect the business.

Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody Trailer (2015)

14 October 2015

Legendary director Axel Braun puts his sexy spin on the timeless story of Peter Pan in the fourth Wicked Fairy Tales release.

The New Behind the Green Door Trailer (2013)

23 September 2013

Hope (Brooklyn Lee) is desperate to find her birth parents. Almost broke, homeless and alone, the seedy underbelly of the city offers up a solution that Hope never thought she'd take.

The Erotic Adventures of Aladdin X Trailer (1994)

08 November 1994

Clark finds Aladdin's lamp, rubs it and the genie fulfills all his sexual desires.

Operation Desert Stormy Trailer (2007)

27 September 2007

As one of the largest productions to date, this Wicked Pictures' blockbuster has it all! Action... Romance.

Carnal Awakenings Trailer (2013)

04 August 2013

A young couple becomes involved with a sexy new stranger in this steamy adult thriller.

Torn Trailer (2012)

09 April 2012

Drew finds himself at a crossroads in his life. Over time, his long-time marriage has lost its spark, intimacy and most importantly, the connection.

The Stepmother 11: Don't Tell Your Dad Trailer (2014)

03 November 2014

Here's a sweet family story for you. The ambitious stepmom, sleeps with her husband's business partner, just not with her husband.

Drive Trailer (2005)

30 December 2005

There are a million stories .. in the naked city. The real stories come from the back seat. Set against the backdrop of the Los Angeles night, "Drive" tells the story of a car ride that changed a woman's life.

When It Comes To You Trailer (2014)

05 December 2014

When It Comes To You is a captivating and scintillating story of a woman torn between two men who both profess great love.

Nothin' But Trouble Trailer (2014)

19 March 2014

Returning home from a nightmarish blind date, Felicia (Stormy Daniels) walks in on her kinky free-spirited roommate, Alice (Asa Akira) as she's engaged in her own "date".

Impulse Trailer (2015)

01 July 2015

April (Stormy Daniels) and Michael (Danny Mountain) have a picture perfect marriage. Then one night, a terrible car accident changes everything… especially April.

Waiting on Love Trailer (2014)

08 October 2014

As “good girl“ Ally's romance ends badly, she has no interest in starting a new one. Her best friend/roommate however, has no such concerns, as she eyes a hot, new neighbor - Mason.

The Swinger, Volume 4 Trailer (2014)

25 February 2014

When a young woman discovers her BFF is into the swingers scene, she is at first disgusted then intrigued, then obsessed as she experiments with the world of wife swapping and group sex.

Sexually Explicit 1 Trailer (2013)

18 December 2013

B.Skow takes you through four Sexually Explicit stories including two anal scenes like no one else can.

Apocalypse X Trailer (2014)

23 September 2014

In a future, after years of demolition, the Earth’s natural resources have withered away and the world is now a deserted pit.

Private Black Label 41: God's Will - The Sex Factor Trailer (2006)

06 March 2006

God's Will is about Will. A smug, conservative and self important TV-Host. Events are set in motion when God and Devil try to settle a bet whether this man (Will) can be corrupted, which turns out to be much easier than they thought, as it becomes clear that the self-righteous Will is a phony as he greedily jumps at the chance to increase his carnal pleasures and indulge in sexual debauchery.

Pretty Dangerous Trailer (2015)

04 March 2015

This Stormy Daniels action-comedy features the perennial fan favorite as Ivy Diamond, a sultry super criminal who, along with her band of bodacious thieves, sets out to rule the world.

Wanderlust Trailer (2013)

31 July 2013

A series of bad choices, a less than desirable home life and a recent brush with the law have 19 year-old Riley desperate for a way out.

I Cheated On Him Trailer (2016)

20 December 2016

This hardcore Tricky Spa compilation delivers a voyeur's delight of kinky sex that titillates and mindfucks! When Mia Li tries to sell her massage oil to masseur Ryan McLane, he makes her cheat on her husband to win the sale.

Naked Surrender Trailer (2006)

14 August 2006

Maisie Calloway, a sexy former policewoman, is now the owner of the hip club, Dames. When Ally, a sexy coed she employs confesses to being blackmailed, Maisie is plunged back into the world of investigation.

Ride or Die Trailer (2014)

16 December 2014

Mia Malkova, the sexy ex-street racer, is happily conforming to her life as a CIA agent until she’s sent to the boardroom and gets handled.

The Bait Trailer (2014)

29 October 2014

Brenna’s world is turned upside down as her pampered life as a trophy wife comes to an abrupt end. As things continue to spiral out of control, she finds herself in jail with no money or friends.

Holly...Would Trailer (2014)

30 September 2014

Fresh off of the award winning and critically acclaimed features Underworld and Aftermath, director Brad Armstrong spins yet another dramatic tale.

Sexually Explicit 2 Trailer (2014)

11 February 2014

Casual Encounters Trailer (2016)

17 February 2016

Julie embarks on a sexual journey by answering an ad in the casual encounters section of a website. She unlocks her deep desires, and finds that within her lies an untapped side of her sexuality.

The Secret Lives of Adult Stars Trailer (2004)

17 April 2004

The top 30 performers in Adult Entertainment share their thoughts and fears about the industry. The n

Sinner's Ball Trailer (2015)

11 February 2015

Once a year, some of the hottest men and women on the planet get together for an event like no other.

Wanted Trailer (2015)

16 September 2015

The sheriff of Diablo City is as crooked as they come. He has a plan to steal a valuable deed from a woman by wrongfully accusing her of murder and having her hanged.

The Party Trailer (2014)

12 November 2014

It’s New Year’s Day and our cast of characters (a businessman, his younger wife and two ex-wives) are nursing hangovers and trying to piece together what happened the night before.

Father Figure 6 Trailer (2014)

09 July 2014

"Sext'd" - it's all about an "in your face sexy" text message wrongly sent to a dashing professor! In "Personal Assistant", the young inept assistant gets fired and then fired up by her handsome movie star boss.

Stockholm Syndrome Trailer (2015)

08 September 2015

Ian is a nomad making his way across the country via petty crimes. But misdemeanors quickly turn to felonies, when he kidnaps Juliette, whose trophy wife status makes her Ian's perfect target.

The Key Trailer (2015)

09 December 2015

Four women are given the opportunity to unlock their passion and sexuality. Sexy Gigi Allens offers her friends (Olivia Austin, Mercedes Carrera, Morgan Lee, and Chanel Preston) a key to the ultimate getaway.

Dirty Daniels Trailer (2016)

29 April 2016

Dani Daniels has it made - a dream job, a beautiful house, a perfect husband. But something's missing, and some desires demand doubling down on dirty work.

American Dreams Trailer (2005)

13 May 2005

Join Julia Ann and Stormy as they take you on an erotic journey in search of the American Dream.

2 Cute 4 Porn Trailer (2015)

03 June 2015

Brunette Aidra Fox's real tits and butt are curvy for such a petite 19-year-old.Pale blonde Samantha Rone skates in sheer bikini bottoms and knee socks, flashing a toothy smile and small tits.

Catfished Trailer (2015)

08 June 2015

A sexy divorcee yearns for love, but is looking in all the wrong places. Her ex has already moved in between the legs of a much younger busty blonde, and her best friend is happily consummating her marriage.

Stryker Trailer (2015)

10 March 2015

International spy agency, CRISIS, ran by Maxine and her promiscuous son, Stryker, save the world with one secret mission at a time.

Flesh Trailer (2015)

16 June 2015

By day shes a working professional, and by night shes Number 4. Get entranced in the morphed world of DP contract star, Eva Lovia, as she conforms into nymph-like submission, and discovers new pleasures in the realm of sadism and masochism with the firms business partner.

Bullet 2 The Top Trailer (2015)

01 April 2015

Tony, a convict released from prison is ready to regain his power, wealth and appetite for women. He was the big shot in Spain, but in LA, he’s no one.

Father Figure 5 Trailer (2014)

29 January 2014

There's something about young, curious, somewhat innocent women being attracted to older, experienced gentleman to guide them into the mysterious and exciting world of sexual intrigue.

Father Figure 8 Trailer (2015)

08 July 2015

Featuring stories of young girls enamored by older men. Elektra Rose is a naughty nymphette who needs a little persuasion from her agent to show up for work.

Anchorwoman: A XXX Parody Trailer (2015)

13 August 2015

The sexy and career-oriented Angela (Eva Lovia) is done sucking her way to become lead anchorwoman. She has a vision for the Channel 6 News and if upper management can't see it, she's going to spice things up herself.

Underworld Trailer (2013)

30 September 2013

Wicked Pictures and award-winning director Brad Armstrong take you on a journey into the erotic masterpiece like no other! A film that blends breath-taking visuals, tantalizing costumes, intriguing characters, out of this world production design and of course - amazing sex! After a robbery gone wrong, Tanya (jessica drake) finds herself in a coma-like state, which has her cross into an eerie UNDERWORLD, a dream-like purgatory where lost souls go to find out their fate. Along the way she meets a cast of mystical characters, who help guide her on a journey through the UNDERWORLD. The cinematic spectacle reaches its climax as Tanya meets Death (Derrick Pierce), who has come to "take" her. Will she be able to beg or barter for her life?

Student Bodies Trailer (2014)

25 March 2014

Super hot but spoiled rotten, we get an inside look at the salacious antics of a bunch of sizzling schoolgirls.

The Babysitter #09 Trailer (2013)

17 September 2013

When his ex-wife leaves for an extended business trip, a community college P.E. teaches hires a cute neighbor girl to be a full-time baby sitter.

4Ever Trailer (2014)

29 July 2014

The three Eternals, Kat, Jade and Mina, are the epitome of every man's desires. They each possess a powerful amulet that can transform any vampire back to his normal human existence, but only when placed together.

This Is the Girl Trailer (2004)

01 December 2004

Dinner Party 3: Cocktales Trailer (2004)

13 September 2004

Hostess Carmen Luvana invites you to her dinner party, where your inhibitions are stripped down to bare flesh and your deepest sexual desires are revealed in front of her lust-hungry guests!

Shades of Kink Vol. 4 Trailer (2015)

12 March 2015

When an egomaniacal asshole of a congressman gets turned down by a woman, he becomes obsessed with winning her over.

Some Like It Hard Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

When they weren't running around getting themselves on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, the gangsters of the roaring twenties blew off steam with their notorious "molls" - gorgeous dames who lusted for wiseguys with long rods and big wads - of cash - that is.

Shades of Kink, Vol 2 Trailer (2013)

17 December 2013

A young man is attracted to a seemingly innocent, sweet young woman, but when he discovers that she moonlights as an infamous dominatrix by night, his normal, safe, every-day sexual relationship is turned on end, leading him to make some serious adjustments in his own erotic proclivities.

Mood Ring Trailer (2004)

25 May 2004

Recently separated from her long-term boyfriend, Jackie has given up on love and relies on her mood ring to guide her, since unlike her heart, the mood ring has never steered her wrong before.

No Way Out Trailer (2014)

20 May 2014

Just moments ago, Ash Hollywood was engaged in rough, passionate sex with her boyfriend and now caught in the middle of a shoot out; her boyfriend is lying dead on the ground.

Father Figure 4 Trailer (2013)

12 August 2013

Four sexually charged young woman have a fascination with older, mentoring, father-figure types. Presley Hart is attracted to her charming, sensitive Literature Professor; Jessa Rhodes succumbs to the charms of a charismatic political candidate.

The Devil in Miss Jones - The Resurrection Trailer (2010)

08 April 2010

Adult's greatest title, re-imagined through the eyes of adult's most awarded director, Paul Thomas, and starring Savanna Samson and Belladonna! Featuring six classic anal scenes as scorching as the fires of hell, surrounded by a cautionary tale as old as Satan himself: Young Miss Jones, an aspiring journalist.

Happy Anniversary Trailer (2014)

19 May 2014

A trip down memory lane is just the spark Michelle and Andy need to reignite the lustful feelings of their first years of marriage.

The Stepmother 10 Trailer (2014)

11 March 2014

When a young man discovers his dad is marrying a much younger woman, he shows up to the festivities not so much to celebrate as to attempt, as best he can, to wreck havoc with the budding relationship because he still feels his mother got the raw end of the divorce deal.