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Strange Bedfellows Trailer (2004)

21 April 2004

Two 'very straight' old timers have to learn how to pass as a loving gay couple after falsely claiming same-sex status to take advantage of newly legislated tax laws.

The Last of the Knucklemen Trailer (1979)

01 July 1979

In the tradition of Sunday Too Far Away, this independent film is based on the classic Australian play by John Power.

Little Johnny The Movie Trailer (2011)

05 May 2011

Australia’s Answer to “Family Guy” But Wronger! Little Johnny jokes have been around for decades, passed down from generation to generation and from friend to friend but the origins of these jokes has been a mystery, until now… ‘Little Johnny The Movie’ celebrates the wrongest jokes ever told.

Muggers Trailer (2000)

25 May 2000

When two medical students find themselves dangerously indebted to a sadistic loan shark, they become embroiled in an illicit black-market organ transplant scam in order to save their lives.

Snapshot Trailer (1979)

01 June 1979

Angela is a young hairdresser thrown out of home by her puritantical mother after too many nights out.