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Stoops Heisler (December 5, 1896 - August 21, 1979) was an American film and television director. He worked as a motion picture editor from 1921 to 1936, then dedicated the rest of his career to that of a film director. Director of 1944 propaganda film The Negro Soldier, a documentary style recruitment piece targeting African-Americans. He received an Oscar nomination in 1949 for his contribution to the visual effects of the film Tulsa.

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The Big Broadcast of 1937 Trailer (1936)

05 October 1936

A cream-of-the-crop gathering of 1930's radio stars, who lend themselves to a storyline about a failing radio station which needs to put on a huge ratings winner to have any chance of continued operation.

Among the Living Trailer (1941)

19 December 1941

A mentally unstable man, who has been kept in isolation for years, escapes and causes trouble for his identical twin brother.

The Glass Key Trailer (1942)

14 October 1942

During the campaign for reelection, the crooked politician Paul Madvig decides to clean up his past, refusing the support of the gangster Nick Varna and associating to the respectable reformist politician Ralph Henry.

Beachhead Trailer (1954)

05 February 1954

On a Japanese-occupied island during World War II, only two soldiers remain alive after a mission attempt goes horribly wrong.

Chain Lightning Trailer (1950)

18 February 1950

Matt Brennan runs into Jo Holloway, the Red Cross girl he romanced in Europe when he was a flyer in World War II, when he is offered a job by jet manufacturer Leland Willis as a test pilot.

Storm Warning Trailer (1951)

10 February 1951

Ginger Rogers is troubled when she finds her sister's husband is a member of the KKK.

Dallas Trailer (1950)

30 December 1950

Land, a family, a future. They're "dreams, fried up, short order" for Blayde Hollister (Gary Cooper). Rightly or wrongly, this ex-Confederate from Georgia has waged his own war to settle past injustices. Now he's a wanted man. And he can feel the law closing in on him. Posing as a Boston dandy, he comes to the boom town with a gun and a plan: to smoke out the notorious Marlow brothers (including Steve Cochran and Raymond Massey), then give 'em a whiff of gunsmoke. Director Stuart Heisler (Along Came Jones) keeps the pace flowing like the local saloon's liquor. Max Steiner's score gallops like a hell-for-leather posse and screenwriter John Twist fires scene after scene with lines like "you'll get your pockets picked in a graveyard". Dallas, here we come!

Tokyo Joe Trailer (1949)

26 October 1949

Joe Barrett returns to Tokyo after World War II where he once owned a bar, Tokyo Joe's, and deserted his wife Trina.

Blue Skies Trailer (1946)

15 October 1946

Jed Potter looks back on a love triangle conducted over the course of years and between musical numbers.

The Wedding Night Trailer (1935)

08 March 1935

While working on a novel in his country home in Connecticut, married writer Tony Barrett (Cooper) becomes attracted to Manya (Sten), the daughter of a neighboring farmer.

Saturday Island Trailer (1952)

20 March 1952

When their hospital ship sinks in the South Pacific during World War II, military nurse Elizabeth Smythe (Linda Darnell) and Marine Michael Dugan (Tab Hunter) find themselves stranded — and soon enough, falling in love — on an idyllic tropical island.

Along Came Jones Trailer (1945)

19 July 1945

An easy-going cowboy is mistaken by the townsfolk for a notorious gunman. The cowboy decides it would be best to leave town, until he meets the gunman's girlfriend.

The Hurricane Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

The Hurricane is a 1937 film set in the South Seas, directed by John Ford and produced by Samuel Goldwyn, about a Polynesian who is unjustly imprisoned.

The Star Trailer (1952)

11 December 1952

A washed-up movie queen finds romance, but still desires a come-back.

Tulsa Trailer (1949)

13 April 1949

It's Tulsa, Oklahoma at the start of the oil boom and Cherokee Lansing's rancher father is killed in a fight with the Tanner Oil Company.

Hitler Trailer (1962)

21 March 1962

The private life of Hitler revealed for the first time!

Kid Millions Trailer (1934)

10 November 1934

A musical comedy about a Brooklyn boy who inherits a fortune from his archaeologist father, but has to go to Egypt to claim it.

I Died a Thousand Times Trailer (1955)

09 November 1955

I Died a Thousand Times is essentially a remake of the 1941 crime-drama classic High Sierra. Jack Palance steps into the old Humphrey Bogart role as Roy "Mad Dog" Earle, the ageing bank robber who intends to pull off one last heist before retiring.

Peter Ibbetson Trailer (1935)

07 November 1935

Architect Peter Ibbetson is hired by the Duke of Towers to design a building for him. Ibbetson discovers that the Duchess of Towers, Mary, is his now-grown childhood sweetheart.

The Lone Ranger Trailer (1956)

25 February 1956

The territorial governor asks the Lone Ranger to investigate mysterious raids on settlers by Indians who ride with saddles.

Raffles Trailer (1930)

24 July 1930

A distinguished English gentleman has a secret life--he is the notorious jewel thief the press has dubbed "The Amateur Cracksman".

This Is My Love Trailer (1954)

27 October 1954

A single woman (Linda Darnell) tries to keep her sister from another man (Rick Jason) by framing her for her husband's (Dan Duryea) murder.

Whoopee! Trailer (1930)

05 October 1930

Western sheriff Bob Wells is preparing to marry Sally Morgan; she loves part-Indian Wanenis, whose race is an obstacle.

The Masquerader Trailer (1933)

03 September 1933

A drug-addicted member of Parliament needs to take time off and secretly pull his life together, so he gets his lookalike cousin (both played by Ronald Colman) to agree to temporarily assume his identity.

Roman Scandals Trailer (1933)

01 January 1933

A kind-hearted young man is thrown out of his corrupt home town of West Rome, Oklahoma. He falls asleep and dreams that he is back in the days of olden Rome, where he gets mixed up with court intrigue and a murder plot against the Emperor.

The Kid from Spain Trailer (1932)

17 November 1932

Eddie and his Mexican friend Ricardo are expelled from college after Ricardo put Eddie in the girl's dormitory when he was drunk.

In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter Trailer (1924)

28 September 1924

A sequel of sorts, the Jewish ethnic comedy characters of Potash and Perlmutter return from their 1923 debut film, also produced by Goldwyn, but with a different actor for Potash.

One Heavenly Night Trailer (1931)

15 January 1931

A poor but basically honest flower woman agrees to impersonate a wicked opera star.

Cytherea Trailer (1924)

04 May 1924

Lee Randon, weary of business duties and a conventional home life, acquires a long-lost sense of excitement and romance with young flapper Claire Morris.

Smash-Up: Story of a Woman Trailer (1947)

01 March 1947

A nightclub singer uses alcohol in excess to sooth her painful life.

The Barker Trailer (1928)

09 December 1928

A successful carnival barker deals with the arrival of his eager son, who he'd hoped would stay far from the carnival world, his son's entanglement with a showgirl, and his own jealous mistress.

The Negro Soldier Trailer (1944)

10 April 1944

The Burning Hills Trailer (1956)

23 August 1956

When Trace Jordan's brother is murdered he confronts the man responsible.

The Monster and The Girl Trailer (1941)

28 February 1941

After a young woman is coerced into prostitution and her brother framed for murder by an organized crime syndicate, retribution in the form of an ape visits the mobsters.

Condemned Trailer (1929)

03 November 1929

Suave thief Colman is sent to Devil's Island, where he becomes romantically involved with the wife of sadistic warden Digges.

Journey into Light Trailer (1951)

28 September 1951

John Burrows, an ordained minister from a small village in the East, envisions himself with a larger congregation.

The Biscuit Eater Trailer (1940)

24 May 1940

Two little boys have faith in a dog they name Promise, so much faith that they enter him in the championship trials for bird dogs.

Vendetta Trailer (1950)

01 January 1950

The daughter (Faith Domergue) of a slain man pushes her brother toward vengeance in 19th-century Corsica.

Men Without Names Trailer (1935)

29 June 1935

A G-man woos a newswoman and corners bank robbers with a hostage in a factory.

Stella Dallas Trailer (1925)

16 November 1925

Stella Dallas is a 1925 American silent film that was produced by Samuel Goldwyn, adapted by Frances Marion, and directed by Henry King.

A Thief in Paradise Trailer (1925)

18 June 1925

Years of failure and bad luck have made Maurice Blake a beachcomber on an island in the Samoas, earning a precarious living by diving for pearls with Philip Jardine, the disinherited son of a San Francisco millionaire.

The Greeks Had a Word for Them Trailer (1932)

03 February 1932

Sophisticated comedy: a trio of money hungry women who all have sugar daddies who keep them in the lap of luxury, even as they drive the men crazy.

Klondike Annie Trailer (1936)

21 February 1936

Rose Carlton, a kept woman, kills her benefactor and hops on a boat from San Francisco to the frozen north.

The Remarkable Andrew Trailer (1942)

05 March 1942

When Andrew Long, hyper-efficient small town accountant, finds a $1240 discrepancy in the city budget, his superiors try to explain it away.

His Captive Woman Trailer (1929)

03 February 1929

Cabaret dancer Anna Janssen kills her sugardaddy and escapes to a South Seas island on the yacht of a wealthy admirer.