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Née d'une mère comptable d'origine italienne et d'un père qui les abandonne lorsqu'elle a deux ans, Sylvie Testud grandit dans le quartier populaire de la Croix-Rousse à Lyon. Très tôt fascinée par le cinéma, la jeune fille s'identifie notamment au personnage d'ado complexée incarné par Charlotte Gainsbourg dans L' Effrontée. Montée à Paris pour suivre des études d'histoire, elle se lance bientôt dans la comédie en intègrant la classe libre du Cours Florent puis le Conservatoire, où elle a pour professeurs Jacques Lassalle et Catherine Hiegel. Elle fait sa première apparition à l'écran en 1994 dans Couples et amants.

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The Visitors: Bastille Day Trailer (2016)

23 March 2016

Stuck in the corridors of time, Godefroy de Montmirail and his faithful servant Jacquouille are projected to a time of profound political and social upheavals: the French Revolution.

Lourdes Trailer (2009)

11 September 2009

In order to escape her isolation, wheelchair-bound Christine makes a life changing journey to Lourdes, the iconic site of pilgrimage in the Pyrenees Mountains.

La Vie en Rose Trailer (2007)

08 February 2007

A swirling, impressionistic portrait of an artist who regretted nothing, writer-director Olivier Dahan's La Vie en Rose stars Marion Cotillard in a blazing performance as the legendary French icon Edith Piaf.

The Round Up Trailer (2010)

10 March 2010

1942. Joseph is eleven. And this June morning, he must go to school, a yellow star sown on his chest.

Tamara Trailer (2016)

26 October 2016

Tamara, 15, complexed with her curves, decided its entry into second to get rid of the label of "big".

French Women Trailer (2014)

04 June 2014

A story about 11 girls living in Paris. Each of them has its own problems: career, love life, children.

Vengeance Trailer (2009)

20 May 2009

A French chef swears revenge after a violent attack on his daughter's family in Hong Kong, during which her husband and her two children are murdered.

Suspiria Trailer (2017)

13 October 2017

A young ballet dancer travels to a prestigious dance academy in Europe, only to discover it is a front for something far more sinister and supernatural amidst a series of increasingly grisly murders.

The Night Clerk Trailer (2011)

01 March 2011

Frédéric, a young man with a troubled past, has the good fortune to be given a job in a luxurious mountain hotel.

Lucky Luke Trailer (2009)

21 October 2009

Fearless gunslinger, Lucky Luke, is ordered by the President to bring peace to Daisy Town.

96 heures Trailer (2014)

23 April 2014

Carré is the boss of the BRB (Brigade for the Repression of Banditry). 3 years earlier, he arrested a big mobster, Kancel.

Le correspondant Trailer (2016)

24 August 2016

Malo and Stéphane are two students who are kind of losers and have just started high school. Their plan to become popular: to host a German exchange student with a lot of style.

Beyond Silence Trailer (1996)

18 December 1996

Beyond Silence is about a family and a young girl’s coming of age story. This German film looks into the lives of the deaf and at a story about the love for music.

Final Portrait Trailer (2017)

20 July 2017

The story of Swiss painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

Another Woman's Life Trailer (2012)

14 February 2012

When the fun loving Marie sets her eyes on brooding comic book artist Paul, it sets off the kind of romantic sparks that quickly culminate in the bedroom.

For a Woman Trailer (2013)

03 July 2013

After the death of her mother, Anne makes a shocking discovery: an old photograph casts doubt on her origins and leads her to discover a mysterious uncle who lived with her parents after the war.

Rebellion Trailer (2011)

16 November 2011

Dissidents in a French colony attack a police station and take hostages.

Murderous Maids Trailer (2000)

22 November 2000

Based on the true story of two chambermaids (the Papin sisters) of 1930s France who murdered their employer and her daughter.

The Captive Trailer (2000)

27 September 2000

An adaptation of Proust's "La Prisoniere" (book five of "Remembrance of Things Past"). Set in Paris, France, it is a serious tale of a tragic and dysfunctional love.

Fear and Trembling Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

Amélie, a young Belgian woman, having spent her childhood in Japan, decides to return to live there and tries to integrate in the Japanese society.

Legacy Trailer (2006)

20 September 2006

Three French hipsters and their translator travel through rural Georgia to claim a remote, ruined castle that one of them has inherited.

Labyrinth Trailer (2003)

09 September 2003

Claude est une tueuse schizophrène à personnalités multiples. Le docteur Brennac, psychiatre, et l'inspecteur Matthias mènent une enquête parallèle pour découvrir le mystère qui entoure ses meurtres et la réelle identité de Claude.

Sagan Trailer (2008)

11 June 2008

No overview found.

24 Days Trailer (2014)

30 April 2014

When Ilan Halimi is kidnapped for ransom because Jewish and supposedly rich, his family and the police start a race against time to save him from the tortures of the "gang of barbarians".

Jour J Trailer (2017)

26 April 2017

I'm Going Home Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

The comfortable daily routines of aging Parisian actor Gilbert Valence, 76, are suddenly shaken when he learns that his wife, daughter, and son-in-law have been killed in a car crash.

Mörderische Stille Trailer (2017)

09 January 2017

The Rebel, Louise Michel Trailer (2010)

07 April 2010

Papa Was Not a Rolling Stone Trailer (2014)

08 October 2014

Two Women Trailer (2014)

23 November 2014

A headstrong young woman is married to land baron. Her feelings for her son's tutor becomes a complex web of unrequited love.

Pünktchen und Anton Trailer (1999)

11 March 1999

Pünktchen und Anton is the 1999 German film based on the classic children’s novels by Erich Kastner and assimilated to modern times.

Max Trailer (2013)

18 January 2013

Too Close to the Sun Trailer (2015)

09 September 2015

A magistrate investigating a fraud case discovers the woman is the biological mother of her adopted child.

Arrête ton cinéma! Trailer (2016)

13 January 2016

Sybille, an accomplished actress, is given the chance to direct a film based on her own screenplay. Everything seems to go well at first.

A Loving Father Trailer (2002)

13 November 2002

Writer Léo Shepherd lives in rural France together with his daughter Virginia, who manages his affairs.

The Misadventures of Margaret Trailer (1998)

23 December 1998

A timid, insecure popular author with an overly-attentive professor husband decide to write an erotic novel.

The Château Trailer (2001)

16 January 2001

Two brothers go to France to claim the chateau they have inherited.

Tomorrow We Move Trailer (2004)

03 March 2004

When her mother moves in, the life of a writer gets crowded.

Mumu Trailer (2010)

24 March 2010

The Vanishing Point Trailer (2007)

28 November 2007

Lucie, jeune étudiante en histoire de l'art, enquête sur les oeuvres du peintre Watteau. Elle est persuadée que certaines de ses toiles cachent un sens encore jamais révélé.

Scénarios sur la Drogue Trailer (2000)

21 February 2000

No overview found.

Le talent de mes amis Trailer (2015)

06 May 2015

Les Mots bleus Trailer (2005)

22 March 2005

Sisters Trailer (2009)

16 December 2009

Lyon, France in 1970s, Sibylle, Corinne, and Georgette are sisters who share everything, as they live with their Italian mother.

My Name Is Hmmm... Trailer (2013)

07 October 2013

Céline, 11, meets Peter, 40. Together they go on a "luminous journey" in his beautiful red truck. She, escaping her desperate and incestuous father; he, far from his native England and the sad memory of his lost wife and daughter.

Une chanson pour ma mère Trailer (2013)

27 March 2013

Eat, for This Is My Body Trailer (2007)

10 September 2007

Haiti, a lonely forgotten black island abandoned to its poverty and misery. A white woman, Madame lives in a fantasy in which she helps to teach, inspire and feed the retched masses of the world.

Ceux qui dansent sur la tête Trailer (2014)

24 October 2014

Un moment de bonheur Trailer (2002)

06 March 2002

Philippe, 25 ans, débarque un matin à Arcachon, où vit sa soeur. C'est un jeune homme qui n'a pas d'attache et à qui on se confie facilement.

Les mains de Roxana Trailer (2013)

20 March 2013

Dead Man's Memories Trailer (2003)

06 July 2003

A policeman lunching with his daughter is present when a dead body washes up on shore. He investigates, leading him down a twisted and muddled path of nefarious connections reflecting, somewhat, his own life.

La France Trailer (2007)

21 November 2007

During the First World War, Camille (Sylvie Testud), a young woman whose husband is away fighting at the front, receives a short letter of break-up from him.

Women or Children First Trailer (2002)

20 March 2002

Tom, a Spaniard, is married to Sylvie and lives a quiet but a bit boring life in the Britanny countryside (west of France).

Les déferlantes Trailer (2013)

12 September 2013

La vie est à nous ! Trailer (2005)

07 December 2005

A Happy Man Trailer (2009)

27 February 2009

Only Girls Trailer (2003)

11 June 2003

After a shoplifter finds herself unexpectedly released on parole, she pays a call on the judge at her flat.

Life Kills Me Trailer (2002)

26 May 2002

Paul (Sami Bouajila of The Adventures of Felix and The Siege) is a smart, well-educated Frenchman of Arab ancestry.

Le Bonheur de Pierre Trailer (2009)

02 September 2009

Je ne dis pas non Trailer (2009)

15 July 2009