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Sicixia Trailer (2016)

03 September 2016

Sicixia is a fiction feature-length film shot in Costa da Morte (Galicia, Spain). Sicixia is an intended peripheral film.

Lovetown Trailer (2012)

30 March 2012

We believed in a better world, we decided to make it come true

Heroína Trailer (2005)

04 May 2005

In the 1980's, Pilar, an ordinary woman, married, about forty years, discovers that one of their three children are addicted to heroin.

El espejo Trailer (2008)

06 May 2008

The protagonist of this chilling story, Sonia, going through a crisis in their marriage when buying at auction an old mirror from a hotel.

Pradolongo Trailer (2008)

14 March 2008