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Stop Mom Theresa! Trailer (2004)

16 December 2004

Kata, in her 20s, loses her boyfriend and her job on the same day. She's been indulging in fantasies of a more thrilling romantic life, and the cold water of being alone and unemployed doesn't entirely dampen her imagination.

It's Summer at Long Last Trailer (2002)

09 May 2002

When the home where they grew up and spent the best days of their childhood is threatened, a group of kids bands together to try and save it.

Klapka-Legion Trailer (1983)

23 August 1983

1866. The Habsburg monarchy fight a war against the Italians and the Prussians. General Klapka, who emigrated to England after the fall of the 1848-49 freedom fight of Hungary, exploits the situation and organises a Hungarian legion with the help of the Prussians, then attacking the Austrians in their back sets out to return to Hungary.

A revizor Trailer (1989)

29 June 1989

Diary for My Loves Trailer (1987)

01 October 1987

A continuation of "Diary for My Children," the film picks up in 1950, when Juli, the diarist, is 18 and determined to become a movie director.

Midnight Rehearsal Trailer (1983)

23 April 1983

A country theatre wants to stage the historical play of the opposition author, who is famous abroad but it is well known, that he is fatally ill.

Film... Trailer (2000)

14 December 2000

Peace Conference, or the Century Lasts Until Thursday Trailer (1989)

23 August 1989

International peace conference, events take place in the last week of 1899. Tragic love story between Vilma, daughter of the Austro-Hungarian envoy/ambassador, and Zoluk of Montenegro.

A bolond lány Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

A Girl Was Killed Trailer (1961)

19 October 1961

During World War I, an ancient feud divides the industrial area in the county of Nógrád. The workers of the steal factory start a strike, but the miners do not support their cause.

Übü király Trailer (1989)

24 March 1989

The Land of Angels Trailer (1962)

14 January 1962

The film is a ballad about the dwellers of a block-of-flats in Angyalföld.

Fig-Leaf Trailer (1966)

12 August 1966

On the main square of Halmaz a naked sculpture of a boy is unveiled. The editor-in-chief of the local paper launches an attack against the scandalous implementation of "bourgeois pornography".

Collision Trailer (1964)

21 May 1964

Terpinkó, the bragging man of muscle likes womanising linked with betting: conquering is a great fun for him.