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Anne Frank: The Whole Story Trailer (2001)

20 May 2001

Anne Frank: The Whole Story is a film based on the life of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl growing up in Nazi occupied Holland.

Anne Frank: The Whole Story Trailer (2001)

19 March 2001

Dr. Hope Trailer (2009)

03 July 2009

Historical Bio-Pic, based on the life of Hope Bridges Adams-Lehmann, being the first female physician and member of womens-lib movement in Germany at the end of 19th century.

An Unusual Affair Trailer (2002)

02 January 2002

Jochen Wenzel, a young teacher, married with two kids, one day surprisingly falls in love with a young male colleague, Tom Leuthner and they begin an unusual affair (= "Eine aussergewöhnliche Affäre").

Die Samenhändlerin Trailer (2011)

27 November 2011

Chill Out Trailer (2000)

08 September 2000

The film tells the story of an unusual love triangle between Johan, Max, and Anna. The action takes place in Berlin after the unification of its eastern and western parts, against the background of its reconstruction and rebuilding.

Die unlösbaren Fälle des Herrn Sand Trailer (2005)

07 April 2005

Yellow Asphalt Trailer (2001)

08 August 2001

Three stories set among the Bedouin of Jahalin in the hills of the Judean desert. On an almost deserted highway, two Israeli truckers strike a Bedouin lad accidentally.

Der letzte Tanz Trailer (2007)

10 January 2007

Kiss and Run Trailer (2002)

25 October 2002

Unser Pappa – Herzenswünsche Trailer (2004)

07 May 2004

Die Wunde Trailer (2001)

26 October 2001

Im Fegefeuer der Lust Trailer (1998)

06 May 1998

Der kalte Finger Trailer (1996)

08 May 1996

Man(n) sucht Frau Trailer (1995)

01 February 1995

A comedy directed by Vivian Naefe.

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace Trailer (2000)

14 June 2000

The story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman of great distinction, who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis.

Das Rätsel des blutroten Rubins Trailer (2001)

01 February 2001

Alphamann: Amok Trailer (1999)

08 October 1999

Reise in die Dunkelheit Trailer (1997)

27 October 1997

Geheime Reichssache Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987