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​ Tatsuya Fuji (born 27 August 1941) is a Japanese film actor. He has appeared in 50 films since 1964, and was the first Japanese actor to appear in full-frontal nudity with explicit sexual scenes in a non-pornographic Japanese film, In the Realm of the Senses, which was released worldwide in 1976, but has yet to be shown in Japan itself. He has starred in two films (Empire of Passion and Bright Future) that have been entered into the Cannes Film Festival.

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In the Realm of the Senses Trailer (1976)

15 May 1976

Based on a true story set in pre-war Japan, a man and one of his servants begin a torrid affair. Their desire becomes a sexual obsession so strong that to intensify their ardor, they forsake all, even life itself.

Empire of Passion Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

A young man has an affair with an older woman. He is very jealous of her husband and decides that they should kill him.

Gappa, the Triphibian Monster Trailer (1967)

01 April 1967

An expedition in the South Pacific lands on a tropical island where the natives worship the mysterious deity Gappa.

Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter Trailer (1970)

01 September 1970

Mako and her girl friends enter a dispute with rival street gangsters The Eagles, a band of racist macho pigs led by the evil Baron, who hate half-breeds (descendents of afro-American and Japanese couples).

My Man Trailer (2014)

14 June 2014

Young Hana had lost everything in the earthquake and tsunami and was being taken care of by a relative named Jungo.

Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen Trailer (2015)

25 April 2015

Ryuzo (Tatsuya Fuji) and his 7 former henchmen are all retired yakuza, but they now live as regular old men.

Keshin Trailer (1986)

10 October 1986

A sensuous movie based on a literary work. Hitomi Kuroki stars as the film’s heroine.

Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss Trailer (1970)

02 May 1970

The first part of the Nora-neko rokku ("Alley Cat Rock") series was originally Nikkatsu Studios' answer to the rivaling Toei Studios' Delinquent Boss series, but spawned four sequels thanks to its popularity.

Rikidozan: A Hero Extraordinaire Trailer (2004)

06 December 2004

Story of Rikidozan, a sumo wrestler who can only achieve limited success in Japan because he's half Korean.

Flavor of Happiness Trailer (2008)

11 October 2008

Yamashita Takako (Miki Nakatani) works in the food section of a department store. She pays frequent visits to a reputable local Chinese restaurant about opening an in-store branch.

Snow on The Blades Trailer (2014)

20 September 2014

At Sakurada Gate in 1860, the shogun’s chief minister and his retinue of bodyguards are ambushed and annihilated.

Soup Opera Trailer (2010)

02 October 2010

Sakai plays Rui, a 35-year-old single woman forced to live alone after the aunt who raised her suddenly decides to get married and move out.

Retaliation Trailer (1968)

05 October 1968

Two years before they collaborated on the immortal Stray Cat Rock series, director Yasuharu Hasebe and soon-to-be-superstar Meiko Kaji teamed up for this potent gangster flick that also stars the great Joe Shishido (Branded to Kill) and Akira Kobayashi, who would shortly thereafter star in Kinji Fukasaku's epic yakuza series Battles Without Honor and Humanity.

Velvet Hustler Trailer (1967)

06 October 1967

A young yakuza hitman named Goro does a job and needs to hideout away from Tokyo for a while. He hangs out with loose women and hard men and always manages to stay one step ahead of the law.

At River's Edge Trailer (2011)

02 August 2011

A samurai Sakunosuke gets an order from clan chamberlain to kill another samurai who is married with his own younger sister.

Bright Future Trailer (2003)

18 January 2003

Two friends who work in the same oshibori laundry are lost in the drudgery of everyday life. They hang out together, barely functioning and barely communicating.

Midnight Eagle Trailer (2007)

23 November 2007

A stolen military aircraft with nuclear missiles on board crashes in the snowbound Northern Japanese Alps.

Blossoms Bloom Trailer (2014)

05 April 2014

Work life for Shunsuke Osaki has been success after success, but at some point his family began to slip by the wayside.

P. P. Rider Trailer (1983)

11 February 1983

Three high-school students tangle with indulgent yakuza and lackadaisical police as they set out in search of the class bully, who has been kidnapped.

Bloody Territories Trailer (1969)

26 July 1969

A once-powerful yakuza clan disbands as a result of a police crackdown, but one small group refuses to bow to police pressure, and launches a campaign to take over Tokyo's drug, prostitution, and gambling rackets.

The Man In White Trailer (2003)

29 March 2003

After his father figure like mafia boss is murdered, Azusa Moribe (Masaya Sato) goes on a one man killing spree to exact revenge.

Hayabusa: The Long Voyage Home Trailer (2012)

11 February 2012

In May 2003, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (or JAXA) launched an unmanned spacecraft of their own development to retrieve samples from an asteroid.

Break Out Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

An accidental shooting on the job and a recent divorce take a toll on the personal and professional life of a Japanese detective.

Massacre Gun Trailer (1967)

06 September 1967

Kuroda (Jô Shishido) is a mob hitman who turns on his employers after being forced to execute his lover.

Secret Zone of Tokyo Trailer (1971)

06 February 1971

Pinku from 1971.

Kamataki Trailer (2005)

01 October 2005

Twenty-three-year-old Ken has difficulty coping with the death of his father. His mother send him to his uncle Takuma in Japan.

Sea Monkey Trailer (2004)

12 June 2004

The movie "Umizaru" is the story of 14 young Japan Coast Guard officers who take part in a grueling training to become rescue divers.

Black Sun Trailer (1964)

18 April 1964

You’ve probably never seen anything quite like this manic, oddball, anti–buddy picture about a young, jazz-obsessed Japanese drifter and a black American GI on the lam in Tokyo.

Photo Album of the Village Trailer (2004)

03 April 2004

In the near future, the village of Hanatani will be flooded by a dam. Kenichi, the owner of an old photo studio has a son, Takashi, who works as an assistant photographer in Tokyo.

The Ambivalent Future: Kiyoshi Kurosawa Trailer (2003)

08 February 2003

Initially, Ambivalent Future was intended as a film about the production of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's "Bright Future".

Roughneck Trailer (1969)

13 June 1969

Yasuharu Hasebe directed this fiercely kinetic tale of wannabe yakuza youths (Akira Kobayashi, Tatsuya Fuji, et al.

The Legend of Homo-Aquarellius Trailer (1996)

31 August 1996

The scientist wants to prove that mermaids exist, which was the reason why he was pulled out from scientists circle in Japan.

Savage Wolf Pack Trailer (1969)

22 February 1969

Savage Wolf Pack pulls no punches from the opening sequence and plays with the conventions of the revenge action genre.

Golden Partners Trailer (1979)

28 April 1979

A motorcycle cop and a freelance photographer, having learned the location of 1 billion yen's worth of the Imperial Navy's gold, team up to salvage it.

Water Creature Trailer (1994)

10 December 1994

As famous photographer, Yuta Suzumori's (Tatsuya Fuji) health is worsening he tells a childhood story of when he saw a kappa in his hometown village of Kitagawa.

Woman Zone of Tokyo Trailer (1969)

28 May 1969

Pinku from 1969.

Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo Trailer (1970)

01 August 1970

A group of five friends, also known as the Pelican Gang, spends time hanging out in the city, driving around in their all-terrain buggy car and listening to psychedelic jazz fusion when one of them is approached by a mysterious horse-riding girl named Asako (Bunjaku Han) who suggests they rob 30 million yen from a religious movement called Seikyo Gakkei.

Let Him Rest in Peace Trailer (1985)

14 June 1985

A man returns to his seaside roots to confront a yakuza boss. Along the way, he charms young men, softens a hard woman and busts a few heads.

Bad Girl Mako Trailer (1971)

25 August 1971

Mako (Junko Natsu) and her delinquent girlfriends do as they please. Seducing men to bed for money, Mako always got what she wanted - until she met Hideo.

Stray Cat Rock: Crazy Rider '71 Trailer (1971)

03 January 1971

Toshiya Fujita brings the five film Stray Cat Rock series to a highly enjoyable end. Like his previous instalment, Wild Jumbo, Beat ’71 is an easy going youth drama that does not follow Yasuharu Hasebe’s wild gang film path.

Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal Trailer (1970)

22 November 1970

Two Japanese men help a Vietnam war deserter escape from Japan for Sweden. They plan to fund the escape by selling LSD pills.