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De Scheepsjongens Van Bontekoe Trailer (2007)

22 November 2007

A ripping adventure yarn about teenage boys who join the crew of a ship of the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century.

De Zevende Hemel Trailer (2016)

24 November 2016

Chez Nous Trailer (2013)

02 October 2013

Chez Nous is a feel good comedy and the name of a cafe in the heart of Amsterdam that is on the brink of being closed.

All Stars 2: Old Stars Trailer (2011)

10 October 2011

In All Stars 2 Old Stars, the unexpected wedding of one of the boys means they treat themselves to an ‘old-fashioned training camp’ in the form of a long weekend in Barcelona.

Acda & De Munnik: Afscheid in Carré Trailer (2015)

29 May 2015

Coverage of the last tour of Acda & de Munnik in theater Carre in Amsterdam.

Love Is All Trailer (2007)

10 October 2007

A romantic comedy told with a set of interwoven Christmas tales about life, love, forgiveness and caring.

Missing Link Trailer (1999)

22 April 1999

A young boy develops a passion for archeology and tries to unravel the truth about his ancestry.

Fake Trailer (2016)

08 May 2016

An intelligent woman keeps falling for the wrong guy. With her latest lover David and a kilo of cocaine in her purse she barely escaped an arrest.

In Orange Trailer (2004)

28 April 2004

An 11 year old talented soccer player, Remco, has one big dream: to be selected for the national team under 12 years.

Wonderbroeders Trailer (2014)

02 October 2014

The story of a group of monks trying to survive in the hectic, materialistic modern world. If the city wants to annex their monastery, which leads to tension between the men.

All Stars Trailer (1997)

01 May 1997

Lover of Loser Trailer (2009)

23 September 2009

Acda & de Munnik - Spelen Trailer (2009)

17 April 2009

Registration of the successful show "Play" by dutch cabaret duo Acda en de Munnik. Cabaret in their usual style, interspersed with songs from the album Night Music.

Leak Trailer (2000)

15 July 2000

Based on a book about an infamous real scandal in the Dutch crime scene, the film aims at exposing the horrors caused by corruption on both sides of the law.

Honey Trailer (2004)

29 September 2004

Eva is not getting any younger, but has a good job, a beautiful house and nice friends. When she turns 35, her friends give her the only thing preventing her from being perfectly happy: a man.

fl 19,99 Trailer (1998)

08 October 1998

Different couples go to a hotel which has an special offer for staying over at the 31st of december 1999 in to the new millenium.