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Glaubenberg Trailer (2018)

06 August 2018

Lena is in love with her brother Noah. In the desperate attempt to conquer her feelings, she retreats into a world of her own.

Mary, Queen of Scots Trailer (2013)

04 August 2013

The life and death of the Scottish monarch.

Kick That Habit Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

Kick That Habit is a 1989 film by PETER LIECHTI, an audio-visual portrait of his native country, eastern Switzerland.

Cure: The Life of Another Trailer (2014)

16 August 2014

Teens Linda and Eta are inseparable friends, though they have plenty of disagreements, but one horrific argument has unexpected consequences.

Ghetto Trailer (1997)

02 September 1997

We accompany a handful of teenagers on their forays into department stores, listen to techno musik, stand on the sidelines as a big kid picks on someone half his size.

I Was a Swiss Banker Trailer (2007)

30 August 2007

Roger is a young, dashing banker full of boyish self-confidence. He has a highly successful business, smuggling black money across the border for reinvestment.

Day Is Done Trailer (2011)

23 September 2011

Day Is Done becomes a poetic but also wryly humorous study of the selfish artist trying to play the indifferent God, but ending up revealing himself as all too human.

Lenz Trailer (2006)

10 November 2006

The filmmaker Lenz has left his native Berlin for the Vosges to research the story behind Georg Büchner's novel fragment Lenz.

Happiness Is a Warm Gun Trailer (2001)

09 August 2001

Well Done Trailer (1994)

02 September 1994

The world we have just entered resembles a futurist machine. It is a colossus of concrete and glass,I