Tien-yung Hsu

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99 Cycling Swords Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

Sensing a rebellion is brewing in the small town of Lang Wei Village, the Manchu warlords command the village magistrate to hunt down the rebels.

Son of the Swordsman Trailer (1970)

09 January 1970

When Master Leung tries to rob Wong I-Hsia of a precious cargo he must protect, Wong I-Hsia fights him off with the iron palm and makes his escape.

Broken Sword Trailer (1971)

02 January 1971

Heavyset Master An (Got Siu-Bo) receives a message from a dying imperial messenger and finds himself to be the hunted due to the defining, powerful nature of the message.

The Swordsman of all Swordsmen Trailer (1968)

07 October 1968

A master swordsman is on a twenty year quest to revenge the death of his parents.