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Mister Twister: Class of Fun Trailer (2012)

02 October 2012

Based on the highly popular series of children books comes the cheerful film-comedy Teach! chronicling the funny misadventures of a young intern teacher at an elementary school.

Tuscan Wedding Trailer (2014)

30 January 2014

Tuscan Wedding, the new romantic comedy from the creators of Loving Ibiza. Together with her father Tom and stepmother Marla, Sanne runs Casa Matrimonio, a luxurious villa in sunkissed Italy.

Accused Trailer (2014)

27 March 2014

Lucia (40) is a wilful nurse, risen up from a simple environment, who raises suspicion with her colleagues and superiors when she’s once again present at an inexplicable death.

Loving Ibiza Trailer (2013)

30 January 2013

Kevin (Jan Kooijman) is a young footballer who recently made a multimillion deal by transferring to FC Barcelona.

Mister Twister Goes Camping Trailer (2013)

11 December 2013

Class 6b is going camping, led by Mister Twister (Mees Kees) and Mrs. Dreus. But Dreus strains her back and suddenly all responsibility rests on the shoulders of Mees Kees.

Mister Twister on Stage Trailer (2014)

03 December 2014

The big end-of-term play is approaching. Tobias is somewhat anxious, but with Mees Kees at the helm, everything should be just fine.

Scrapwood War Trailer (2014)

08 January 2014

At their annual summer building club ‘Camp Scrapwood’, best friends Ziggy (12) and Bas (12) find themselves on opposing sides for the first time in their lives.

Sword of D'Artagnan Trailer (2015)

24 June 2015

When her grandfather has a car accident, Isabel (11) takes on his search for the sword that has been promised to her ancestor centuries ago by the world famous musketeer D’Artagnan.

Master Spy Trailer (2016)

05 October 2016

Tim’s parents start a hotel business on the coast. Their dream comes true, but Tim is less excited.

Mees Kees langs de lijn Trailer (2016)

07 December 2016

The fourth movie about the popular teacher Mees Kees.

Dummie de Mummie Trailer (2014)

09 October 2014

In a dull village where nothing ever happens, a boy finds a living mummy in his room. It's the start of an amazing friendship.

Dummie de Mummie en de Sfinx van Shakaba Trailer (2015)

10 December 2015

Ernst, Bobbie en de geslepen Onix Trailer (2007)

14 February 2007

No movie overview available.

Ernst & Bobbie en 'Het geheim van de Monta Rossa' Trailer (2010)

06 October 2010

When Ernst & Bobbie visit a circusschool, a fire brakes out And a treasure is hidden but we don't know where.

Au cigogne! Trailer (2004)

24 September 2004