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Der Clown - Tag der Vergeltung Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Former secret government agent Max Hecker (Sven Martinek) disguises himself with a clown mask in order to fight international crime.

Friesland - Irrfeuer Trailer (2017)

25 February 2017

Max Schmeling Trailer (2010)

07 October 2010

Based on the true story of Max Schmeling. A national hero in the 1930's when he became World heavyweight champion.

Bibel Code Trailer (2008)

31 August 2008

Johanna Bachmann is a young police received an emergency call from his father he believed dead, but to meet him, kill him.

Jana und der Buschpilot - Einsame Entscheidung Trailer (2015)

20 September 2015

Die Toten vom Bodensee: Stille Wasser Trailer (2016)

01 July 2016

Beate Uhse - das Recht auf Liebe Trailer (2011)

09 October 2011

Beate Uhse was a German pilot and entrepreneur. The only female stunt pilot in Germany in the 1930s, after World War II she started the first sex shop in the world.

Westflug - Entführung aus Liebe Trailer (2010)

26 September 2010

1978. In a desperate act of love, a plane is hijacked in East Germany and forced to land in the American Sector of West Berlin, triggering a Cold War crisis and forcing 60 hapless passengers to decide in minutes whether to give up everything and stay in the West.

Die Legende der Maske Trailer (2014)

04 October 2014

Katie Fforde - An deiner Seite Trailer (2014)

26 January 2014

Johanna und der Buschpilot - Der Weg nach Afrika Trailer (2012)

02 September 2012

Katie Fforde - Das Meer in dir Trailer (2014)

27 April 2014

Katie Fforde - Diagnose Liebe Trailer (2012)

12 February 2012

Katie Fforde - Ein Teil von dir Trailer (2012)

18 November 2012

Missing Trailer (2007)

09 October 2007

Claudia, with her son and his new partner, undertake an idyllic holiday in the Greek islands. Ominous clouds the relationship of the couple when, after an argument, he disappears into the night.

Entscheidung im Eis - Eine Frau jagt den Mörder Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Bis dass der Tod uns scheidet Trailer (2008)

15 April 2008

Podiak marriage are on vacation in a cruise. Suzanne, who is fed up of her husband mistreatment, decides to get out through overboard, leaving a goodbye lettre, but during her funeral her husband discover that she is not death.

Der Erlkönig - Auf der Jagd nach dem Auto von morgen Trailer (1999)

14 May 1999

Mörder in Weiß - Der Tod lauert im OP Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Gefangen im Jemen Trailer (1999)

12 September 1999

Die Jagd nach dem Tod Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

Biikenbrennen - Der Fluch des Meeres Trailer (1999)

29 October 1999