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Thomas Ross "Tommy" Bond was an American actor. A native of Dallas, Texas, Bond was best known for his work as a child actor for two different nonconsecutive periods on Our Gang (Little Rascals) comedies, and also for being the first actor to portray the role of "Superman's pal" Jimmy Olsen on screen.

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I Love to Singa Trailer (1936)

18 July 1936

I Love to Singa depicts the story of a young owl who wants to sing jazz, instead of the classical music that his German parents wish him to perform.

Twice Blessed Trailer (1945)

31 May 1945

Stephanie and Terry are identical twins who have been raised separately since their parents divorced seven years earlier.

Libeled Lady Trailer (1936)

09 October 1936

When an heiress sues a newspaper, the editor hires a reporter to compromise her.

Washee Ironee Trailer (1934)

28 September 1934

Rich boy Waldo gets his clothes dirty playing football with the gang just before he has to go to his mother's society party.

Came the Brawn Trailer (1938)

15 April 1938

A 1938 1-reeler from Hal Roach's "Our Gang" series (better known as "The Little Rascals"). "Came the Brawn" features the most famous cast members: Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla, Porky and Buckwheat.

Superman Trailer (1948)

15 July 1948

Superman comes to Earth as a child and grows up to be his home's first superhero with his first major challenge being to oppose The Spider Lady.

This Land Is Mine Trailer (1943)

07 May 1943

In a Nazi-occupied French town, meek and mild-mannered teacher Albert Lory lives with his mother. Few people, including his students, have any respect for him and he literally shakes in his boots during an air raid.

Rosalie Trailer (1937)

24 December 1937

West Point cadet Dick Thorpe falls in love with a girl, who turns out to be a princess from an European kingdom.

City Streets Trailer (1938)

01 July 1938

When her mother dies, wheel-chair bound Winnie Brady is taken in by shopkeeper and neighbor "Uncle" Joe Carmine.

Champagne Waltz Trailer (1937)

05 February 1937

n Vienna, a new jazz club featuring American trumpeter Buzzy Bellew threatens the existence of its neighbor, the Waltz Palace, run by Franz Strauss and featuring his granddaughter, singer Elsa.

Atom Man vs Superman Trailer (1950)

20 July 1950

Serial - sequel to Superman (1948); Superman faces off against Lex Luthor.

Big Town Scandal Trailer (1948)

27 May 1948

A crusading editor and his star reporter aid underprivileged youths and crack down on racketeers out to fix basketball.

A Little Bit of Heaven Trailer (1940)

10 October 1940

A child from the New York tenements sings on a radio quiz show and is eventually hired to a big-bucks contract, which allows her and her family to move into a posh apartment, with all the usual problems that accompany sudden wealth.

Out West with the Peppers Trailer (1940)

30 June 1940

When her doctor advises her to move West because of her health, Mrs. Pepper takes her five kids and relocates to Oregon to live with her sister.

Five Little Peppers at Home Trailer (1940)

08 February 1940

The second entry in the four "Five Little Peppers" films finds the family struggling to keep their copper mine when their elderly business partner becomes ill.

Framing Youth Trailer (1937)

10 September 1937

Crooner Alfalfa, enters an amateur contest at a local radio station. Butch tries to intimidate Spanky into withdrawing Alfalfa from the competition.

Mush and Milk Trailer (1933)

27 May 1933

When Cap's back pension finally comes in, he treats the gang to a day at an amusement park.

Our Gang: Inside the Clubhouse Trailer (1984)

12 January 1984

A behind the scenes look at Hal Roach's Our Gang comedies, complete with interviews from several former cast and crew members of the series.

Adventure in Washington Trailer (1941)

29 May 1941

A troubled youth is offered the opportunity to serve as a Senate page in Washington, DC.

Wild Poses Trailer (1933)

28 October 1933

An Our Gang Comedy. Spanky's parents take their reluctant boy to get his portrait taken by a prissy photographer.

Party Fever Trailer (1938)

27 August 1938

Three boys compete to be Mayor for the Day

Hideaway Trailer (1937)

13 August 1937

A poor family receives unwanted houseguests when they're visited by gangsters looking for a place to hide out.

Man from Frisco Trailer (1944)

15 June 1944

Matt Braddock is a civil engineer during World War II who has new ideas for shipbuilding. Braddock tries to establish yards for building prefabricated ships on the West Coast, but he is hindered by the former superintendent of the shipyard, Joel Kennedy.

Page Miss Glory Trailer (1936)

09 June 1936

A bellhop in the No 1. hotel of a smalltown awaiting the arrival of Miss Glory dreams he has to page Miss Glory at a first class hotel in New York, and this turns out to be a nightmare.

Five Little Peppers in Trouble Trailer (1940)

01 September 1940

The last of the four "Five Little Peppers" films finds the children having a hard time adjusting to their new boarding school.

The Gas House Kids in Hollywood Trailer (1947)

23 August 1947

The Gas House Kids, the very poor man's Bowery Boys, head for Hollywood.

Fishy Tales Trailer (1937)

27 August 1937

By accident, Alfalfa shoots Butch in the nose with a rubber dart. Butch threatens to return to settle the score.

Five Little Peppers And How They Grew Trailer (1939)

22 August 1939

The first of four films in the "Five Little Peppers" series, based on Margaret Sinclair's popular book, about a widowed mother and her five children.

Mike Fright Trailer (1934)

25 August 1934

The gang attends a radio station amateur show.

The Phantom Ship Trailer (1936)

24 February 1936

Uncle Beans and the kids are off to visit a haunted ship ('The Phantom') trapped in the ice, hoping to find pirate treasure.

Hot Rod Trailer (1950)

22 October 1950

No overview yet.

Captain Spanky's Show Boat Trailer (1939)

08 September 1939

An abandoned old show boat is moored in a lazy creek. The Our Gang put the old vessel back to use when they stage a show featuring "Darla's Dancin' Dandies" and a "meller dramer" entitled "Out in the Snow You Go.

Hollywood Capers Trailer (1935)

19 October 1935

W.C.Fields enters the Warmer Bros. Studio. Beans tries to drive in, but the guard throws him and his car against a tree.

Gobs of Trouble Trailer (1935)

12 July 1935

Two sailors decide to settle down and get married, and live to regret it.

Dog Daze Trailer (1939)

01 July 1939

The gang round up stray dogs for reward money

Gas House Kids Go West Trailer (1947)

12 June 1947

The second of three "Bowery Boys" rip-offs produced by bargain-basement Producers Releasing Corporation.

Let's Talk Turkey Trailer (1939)

28 October 1939

It's Thanksgiving. Newlywed husband Abner Poodlebean faces the turkey his wife has prepared: she wants him to carve it at the table in front of her scowling family, and Abner has no idea how to proceed.

Silly Billies Trailer (1936)

20 March 1936

The boys are a dentist and his assistant traveling to the Old West to open a new practice. Once in town, they buy a business--only to wake up the next day and see that the entire population of this bustling town had left for the California gold fields early that morning! Then, they discover an evil plot to sell out these settlers to some hostile Indians, so they spring to the rescue.

Beauty and the Bus Trailer (1933)

16 September 1933

The girls win a car in a raffle.