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Hit the Saddle Trailer (1937)

03 March 1937

Unable to legally capture and sell a herd of protected wild horses, corrupt rancher Rance Macgowan uses his trained killer horse, Volcano, to substitute for the real leader of the herd and cause havoc and death among the ranches.

Seven Ways from Sundown Trailer (1960)

25 September 1960

Audie Murphy is again the kid who puts on a badge to catch the bad guy, skillfully played by Barry Sullivan.

The Big Bonanza Trailer (1944)

30 December 1944

Having been falsely court marshaled for cowardice and sentenced to prison by the Army, Jed Kilton escapes and heads to Nevada Springs to see his kid brother.

Sheriff of Cimarron Trailer (1945)

28 February 1945

Sunset Carson rides into the town of Cimarron looking for his brother and the crooks who framed him for cattle rustling.

Love Takes Flight Trailer (1937)

05 November 1937

A commercial pilot romances both a Hollywood actress and a female aviator. 1937.

I Cover the Underworld Trailer (1955)

19 May 1955

Gunner O'Hara is about to be released from prison after serving a five-year sentence, and receives a visit from his twin brother John, a divinity student soon to be ordained as a priest.

Spy Smasher Trailer (1942)

04 April 1942

Alan Armstrong fights Nazi agents operating in the USA.

Grand Canyon Trail Trailer (1948)

04 November 1948

Sintown is just a deserted ghost town until Vanerpool starts looking for silver. Cookie and Roy's partners put $20,000 into the business only to find that the mine is worthless and Vanerpool is bankrupt.

Colorado Sundown Trailer (1952)

08 February 1952

The Hurley's own a lumber mill and want to harvest all the timber in the valley. They kill the Forester and substitute their brother Dusty in his place.

City of Shadows Trailer (1955)

02 June 1955

After several years of supporting parts, Victor McLaglen once more landed a leading role in Republic's City of Shadows.

Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm Trailer (1937)

12 May 1937

Gene and Frog, out to stop a bunch of cattle rustlers, assume the identities of what they believe to be dead bandits, which soon gets them in big trouble.

Night Train to Memphis Trailer (1946)

12 July 1946

A mountain community is thrown into turmoil as the townspeople debate the advantages and disadvantages of having a railroad.

Under California Stars Trailer (1948)

30 April 1948

When Roy and Trigger arrive at his ranch he finds Cookie has hired his relatives. Caroline, the only relative that doesn't have a strong resemblance to Cookie, is the horse trainer.

Young Buffalo Bill Trailer (1940)

11 April 1940

It's 1860 and the old Spanish land grants are being surveyed. Montez is after part of Don Regas' rancho and gets the surveyor to alter the boundary.

Blackmail Trailer (1947)

24 July 1947

A private detective is offered a job protecting a rich business man from suspected blackmail. Before he can accept the case a murder is uncovered.

The Yellow Rose of Texas Trailer (1944)

24 June 1944

Insurance Investigator Roy is looking for Weston and the missing money he supposedly obtained in a robbery.

Come Next Spring Trailer (1956)

09 March 1956

Matt Ballot has returned home after 12 years of hard drinking in all 48 states. His wife has managed to raise their 14 year daughter and 12 year old son nicely without his help.

Night Time in Nevada Trailer (1948)

05 September 1948

Twenty years earlier Farrell killed his mining partner Andrews. Now Andrews daughter arrives to get her father's trust fund.

San Antone Trailer (1953)

15 February 1953

After the Civil War, a cowboy who's a former Union soldier leads a cattle drive into Mexico now occupied by the French.

Song of Texas Trailer (1943)

14 June 1943

A man of no worth brags to his daughter back East that he is rich and owns a big ranch. When she decides to pay a visit to her father, Roy and his buddies agree to pretend that the poor man is the owner of the ranch.

The Main Street Kid Trailer (1948)

01 January 1948

A young boy is struck by lightning, and discovers afterwards that he has the power of telepathy.

The Man Is Armed Trailer (1956)

19 October 1956

Crime drama in which a man unknowingly helps a gang pull off a big heist. The gang discovers that the man is more trouble than he is worth and as a result, things don't go as smoothly as planned.

The Gay Ranchero Trailer (1948)

14 January 1948

Manzanita Springs ia a combination small airline and spa and Vance Brados wants it. He pays their mechanic to have the planes run out of fuel so his men can rob the gold shipments and kill the pilots.

Carolina Cannonball Trailer (1955)

28 January 1955

Judy and her grandpa run a trolley between a train depot and a ghost town in Nevada, near the California border.

Terror at Midnight Trailer (1956)

27 April 1956

A newly promoted police sergeant discovers his girlfriend my be involved with a gang of car thieves.

Affair in Reno Trailer (1957)

15 February 1957

The story of a PR man hired by a millionaire to go to Reno to prevent his daughter from marrying an opportunistic gambler.

The Inner Circle Trailer (1946)

07 August 1946

Johnny Strange (Warren Douglas) a fresh-faced young detective, gets set up, framed for murder, and alibied by a smart blonde (Adele Mara).

Git Along Little Dogies Trailer (1937)

27 March 1937

When war breaks out between oilmen and cattle ranchers, Gene sides with the ranchers until he learns that oil will bring a railraod to town.

Pioneers of the West Trailer (1940)

12 March 1940

Pioneers of the West is a 1940 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie[1] directed by Lester Orlebeck.

Along the Navajo Trail Trailer (1945)

15 September 1945

U.S. Deputy Marshal Roy investigates the disappearance of a government agent who has come to Dale's father's Ladder A Ranch.

Affairs of Geraldine Trailer (1946)

18 November 1946

When the wealthy Mrs. Cooper passes away, she divides her estate between her sons, Henry and Wayne, and her only daughter, the tomboyish Geraldine.

The Vampire's Ghost Trailer (1945)

21 May 1945

In a small African port, a tawdry bar is run by a old man named Webb Fallon. Fallon is actually a vampire, but he is becoming weary of his "life" of the past few hundred years.

The Far Frontier Trailer (1948)

29 December 1948

Willis Newcomb and Bart Carroll head a gang engaged in smuggling wanted-American criminals back into the United States from Mexico.

Three's a Crowd Trailer (1945)

23 May 1945

What would you do in this house of fear... if you knew that your husband killed your former flame?

Faces in the Fog Trailer (1944)

30 November 1944

Tom and Cora Elliott love their active social life so much that they neglect their daughter Mary and son Les.

The Sea Hornet Trailer (1951)

06 November 1951

"The Sea Hornet" was a merchant ship sunk, supposedly by a torpedo, less than a mile off the California Coast during World War Two.

Bandits of the West Trailer (1953)

08 August 1953

Marshal Rocky Lane learns of a plan to obstruct the promotion of natural gas in his town.

Man from Oklahoma Trailer (1945)

01 July 1945

The feuding Lanes and Whittakers are brought together with the help of Roy Rogers, when a business tycoon tries to play one family against the other.