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Roseanna Trailer (1993)

06 October 1993

A young American girl is found dead in Gota Kanal, Swedens largest channel. Since there are hardly any clues or evidence at all it seems as if the murder cant be solved.

Livet i finnskogarna Trailer (1947)

22 August 1947

In a rural parish in 1906, young Heikki, one of the Finnish immigrants, lives a wild and free life in the deep forest.

Frihetens murar Trailer (1978)

25 December 1978

A movie by Marianne Ahrne.

Fridolf Sticker Opp! Trailer (1958)

25 August 1958

The Girl and the Devil Trailer (1944)

30 October 1944

The soul of an evil witch about to be burned is transferred to the child of a pregnant woman in the audience.

Lille Fridolf Och Jag Trailer (1956)

29 October 1956

Anaconda Trailer (1955)

04 September 1955

Documentary by Torgny Anderberg

Fridolfs Farliga Ålder Trailer (1959)

28 September 1959

Jangada Trailer (1958)

10 August 1958

In this follow up to the mondo success "Anaconda", the explorer Rolf Blomberg travels into Brazil's jungle in search of the terrifying Xavante indians.

Guttersnipes Trailer (1974)

15 November 1974

Poor painter helps a paralysed child.

The Fire Engine That Disappeared Trailer (1993)

02 July 1993

A routine mission ends up in a flaming inferno when a house suddenly explodes. It looks like a spectacular suicide attempt but the technical investigation reveals unexpected evidence.