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Dangerous Cops: Final 5 Days TrailerNew York Cop TrailerSavage City: Angel Whisper Trailer

Tōru Murakawa (村川透) is a Japanese film director.

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Dangerous Cops: Final 5 Days Trailer (2016)

30 January 2016

30 January 2016 (Japan)

New York Cop Trailer (1993)

14 August 1993

Allegedly based on a true story, this film follows the life of Toshi, a Japanese man living in America and working with the New York City police.

Break Out Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

An accidental shooting on the job and a recent divorce take a toll on the personal and professional life of a Japanese detective.

Dead Angle Trailer (1979)

04 July 1979

An extraordinary group of action stars join up together as elite college graduates in the 1950's who commit perfect financial crimes through legal loopholes.

Circuit of Sorrow Trailer (1972)

27 December 1972

The movie was inspired by real life test driver Yukio Fukuzawa, who on 12 February 1969 lost control of his Toyota 7 at Fuji Speedway near Nakahinata, Japan and fatally smashed into a signpost.

Resurrection of the Golden Wolf Trailer (1979)

04 August 1979

A seemingly run-of-the-mill corporate salaryman leads a double life as a vicious criminal by night. In a delicious scheme of payback, he seeks to dominate the corporation that employs him by day.

Delicate Skillful Fingers Trailer (1972)

07 June 1972

Pinku from 1972.

The Execution Game Trailer (1979)

17 November 1979

One year after the Hanai and Kotobuki hits, Narumi is set up by a mysterious woman. Abducted and tortured, Narumi is forced to take on a difficult job.

No More God, No More Love Trailer (1985)

23 March 1985

Released after seven years in prison, an inveterate thug goes from strength to ruthless strength as he makes his way through a succession of dubious jobs, illegal schemes, and brutal romances.

Love Punishment Trailer (1981)

12 September 1981

A star tennis player takes revenge on the blackmailers out to ruin his athletic career.

The Beast to Die Trailer (1980)

04 October 1980

A policeman is murdered and his gun, stolen, used to commit the next crime. Detective Kashiwagi, who is leading the investigation, learns that the author of the killings “walks like a dead man”.

Savage City: Angel Whisper Trailer (1991)

26 April 1991

A corrupt cop teams up with an unlikely partner, his latest arrestee - a hitman to protect the city from a gang of ruthless drug addicts.

The Most Dangerous Game Trailer (1978)

07 April 1978

The first movie of Tôru Murakawa’s “Game” trilogy.

The Killing Game Trailer (1978)

02 December 1978

The second movie of Tôru Murakawa's "Game" trilogy.