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Class Enemy Trailer (2013)

01 August 2013

Relations between the students and the new teacher of German are extremely tense. When one female student commits suicide, her schoolmates blame the teacher for her death.

The Resort Girls Trailer (1971)

08 October 1971

Workers of a journey company state about guys and females who pass their vacation time just by sexual enjoyment, which is shown overly thorough and commented on.

Valley of Peace Trailer (1956)

23 July 1956

When the planes bombed a Slovene town, a Slovene boy and a German girl set on a journey towards the valley, in which there is no war.

The Triumph of Robin Hood Trailer (1962)

14 September 1962

Adventure film about the popular hero Robin Hood, and how he and his partisans take on the defence of King Richard Lion-Heart's interests against his brother John, while the former is in the Holy Land.

Dirch og blåjakkerne Trailer (1964)

28 January 1964

The Curse of the Green Eyes Trailer (1964)

09 April 1964

The German police cannot solve the mystery of the seven murders which have alarmed the local villagers.

Personal Baggage Trailer (2009)

07 October 2009

Vid is talented but spoiled young man smothered in his affection to the adoring mother and heedless of his aloof father.

Kekec Trailer (1951)

18 December 1951

In an alpine valley lies an idyllic village. High up in the mountains, facing each others across live two men: a "good grandpa" and an "evil man".

The Party Trailer (1960)

13 October 1960

Story of young man who has lost an arm in the war and tries to find his place in postwar Ljubljana.

Per un dollaro a Tucson si muore Trailer (1964)

01 January 1964

A gang of bandits takes control of Tucson in preparation for the arrival of a consignment of gold, with only a band of voluntary soldiers trying to outwit them and save the town.

The Good Sea Trailer (1958)

24 May 1958

A simple fisherman tries to stop wealthy and crooked owner of the seiners and bar.

Operation Trailer (1960)

07 July 1960

Psychological action drama about a group of partisans, ambushed by the enemy.

Rustling Landscapes Trailer (2002)

29 March 2002

Luka leaves for the countryside unhappy with the way his girlfriend Katarina has treated him. She follows him hoping that they could sort out their relationship.

Vesna Trailer (1953)

16 December 1953

Samo, Sandi in Krištof se pripravljajo na maturo. Domislijo se, da bi se lahko dokopali do matematičnih maturitetnih nalog s pomočjo domnevne profesorjeve hčerke z vzdevkom Hiperbola.

The Crooked Road Trailer (1965)

03 February 1965

An investigative reporter (Robert Ryan) travels to a small European country with the hope of exposing its dictator's family secrets.

X-25 Reports Trailer (1960)

24 July 1960

Resistance member is sent to infiltrate Nazi intelligence during WW2.

On Our Own Land Trailer (1948)

10 June 1948

Set in a Slovenian coastal town in WW2, the film tells a story about villagers who help partisans to get rid of Italian, and later German authorities that ruled the town in the last years of occupation.

Our Car Trailer (1962)

12 December 1962

A photographer decides to buy a car with the money he'll get for his prizewinning photo, but the postman brings only a diploma instead of money.

Wild Growth Trailer (1963)

12 July 1963

Carinthia, Slovenia, in the 18th century. Ozbej, having finished school, returns to Krnice Manor, where Father tells him that now he is to stay at home because he has decided to make him the future master of the whole estate.

Moment of Decision Trailer (1955)

05 April 1955

A story set in a Slovenian town during WW2. The White Guardists bring a wounded partisan to doctor Koren, but he kills their lieutenant, thus helping them both to escape.

Dancing in the Rain Trailer (1961)

26 March 1961

Peter is the dark brooding type. Leading a vacuous, shapeless life, he longs for the ideal woman, while at the same time, half heartedly continuing with his habitual girlfriend, Marusa , who is considerably older, a fact that Peter is quick to point out.

On the Sunny Side of the Street Trailer (1959)

01 January 1959

The story of an artist who carves out cardboard silhouettes for small allowance on Tromostovje in Ljubljana.

The Upstarts Trailer (1953)

15 January 1953

Film about moral decay of Trieste elite during 1890s based on novel by Slovenian writer Janko Kersnik.