Turi Ferro

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Malicious Trailer (1973)

29 March 1973

A beautiful housekeeper becomes a romantic attraction to a widower and his three sons.

The Seduction of Mimi Trailer (1972)

01 January 1972

Mimi is a Sicilian dockworker who loses his job when he votes against the Mafia candidate in what he thinks is a secret ballot.

The Case Is Closed, Forget It Trailer (1971)

27 October 1971

Because of a violation of traffic regulations an architect is put in prison. There he witnesses the grim reality of life behind bars: corrupt staff, corrupt inmates, an inhuman judicial system and the power of the Mafia.

Blood Feud Trailer (1978)

21 December 1978

Titina Paterno, a widow in a small coastal town in Sicily, goes insane after the death of her husband.

Malizia 2000 Trailer (1991)

01 November 1991

Seven Times Seven Trailer (1968)

25 April 1968

A gang of prison inmates escape and rob the Royal Mint. They then sneak back to prison.

I Knew Her Well Trailer (1965)

01 December 1965

Adriana, a young woman from the provinces, moves to Rome in order to become a celebrity.

Stato interessante Trailer (1977)

27 July 1977

Il turno Trailer (1981)

18 September 1981

Vergine, e di nome Maria Trailer (1975)

11 September 1975

Virility Trailer (1974)

20 November 1974

A Sicilian (Turi Ferro) feels his masculinity threatened when his son returns with an androgynous girlfriend whom everyone else assumes to be male.

Rita la zanzara Trailer (1966)

30 September 1966

A Man for Burning Trailer (1962)

06 June 1962

Political activist Salvatore returns to his native Sicily and stirs up trouble among the peasants, urging them to confront the Mafia and demand the right to plough their own fields.

You're Laughing Trailer (1998)

06 September 1998

Two segments: In the first one Felice, a baritone who has had to give up his career because of a heart condition and now works as an accountant at the Opera, inexplicably spends his nights laughing in his sleep.

La governante Trailer (1974)

01 February 1974

Non stuzzicate la zanzara Trailer (1967)

24 March 1967

Chronicle of a Homicide Trailer (1972)

04 February 1972

Roma.During a clash between demonstrating laborers (whose fight the students have joined) a policeman and a student are both killed.

Il lumacone Trailer (1974)

21 December 1974

Italian comedy.

Scipione detto anche l'africano Trailer (1971)

09 September 1971

La posta in gioco Trailer (1988)

08 March 1988