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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer (2011)

14 December 2011

This English-language adaptation of the Swedish novel by Stieg Larsson follows a disgraced journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, as he investigates the disappearance of a weary patriarch's niece from 40 years ago.

Evil Trailer (2003)

16 May 2003

Stockholm, the fifties. Though academically bright, violent pupil Erik Ponti is expelled from his state school with the headmaster’s words “there’s only one word for people like you – evil… what you need is a good thrashing, and more”.

Stockholm East Trailer (2011)

21 October 2011

Stockholm East is the love story between two strangers, bound together by a tragedy that has taken its toll on both their lives and relationships.

Maria Wern - Boy Missing Trailer (2011)

14 September 2011

A ten-year-old boy disappears from a dinner in a little fishing village, while another vanishes from a refugee camp on the island.

Exit Trailer (2006)

06 October 2006

There is a thin line between money and loyalty. Thomas Skepphult runs an investment company, and is arrested for the murder of his business partner when his fingerprint is found on the murder weapon.

Jerusalem Trailer (1996)

05 September 1996

Members of a devout Christian congregation try to start a new life in Palestine.

Maria Wern - Dreams from Snow Trailer (2011)

22 June 2011

Maria Wern 08 - Inte ens det förflutna Trailer (2012)

20 July 2012

Maria Wern 10 - Först när givaren är död Trailer (2013)

11 December 2013

Kejsarn av Portugallien Trailer (1991)

31 December 1991

TV Mini-Series

Maria Wern 09 - Drömmen förde dig vilse Trailer (2013)

11 December 2013

Maria Wern 03 - Alla De Stillsamma Döda Trailer (2010)

08 December 2010

Slutspel Trailer (1997)

20 March 1997

Johan is a 35 year old soccer fan, unemployed but living by his wits and charm. During the Soccer World Championships in 1990 all Swedes want to follow the games, including Johan who doesn't own a TV set.

Maria Wern 02 - Stum Sitter Guden Trailer (2010)

24 November 2010

Syndare i sommarsol Trailer (2001)

29 November 2001

In the mid-1920s, four young men and women have decided to spend their summer holiday studying together and have rented a wonderful house in the Swedish archipelago.

Wallander - The Secret Trailer (2006)

10 November 2006

Eleven-year-old Johannes is found dead in a barn after he has been sexually abused. Lindman is charged with telling the father, whom he knows from a local shooting club, but is taken off the case for previous unprofessional contact and pursues his own investigations.

The Reunion Trailer (2002)

27 February 2002

35-year old Magnus Edkvist hates class reunions as much as anyone and usually skip them. Still he accepts an invitation for a reunion for class he left over twenty years ago.

The Man on the Balcony Trailer (1993)

26 November 1993

A serial-killer attacks and murders young girls in the parks of Stockholm. The police have trouble finding any evidence to find the killer.

Jag skall bli Sveriges Rembrandt eller dö! Trailer (1990)

04 October 1990

A film by Göran Gunér.