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Umberto Lenzi (born August 6, 1931), is an Italian film director who was very active in low budget crime films, peplums, Eurospy films, spaghetti westerns, Macaroni Combat movies, cannibal films and giallo murder mysteries (in addition to writing many of the screenplays himself). - Wikipedia

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Cannibal Ferox Trailer (1981)

24 April 1981

Three friends out to disprove cannibalism meet two men on the run who tortured and enslaved a cannibal tribe to find emeralds, and now the tribe is out for revenge.

Nightmare City Trailer (1980)

11 December 1980

An airplane exposed to radiation lands, and blood drinking zombies emerge armed with knives, guns and teeth! They go on a rampage slicing, dicing, and biting their way across the Italian countryside.

Eaten Alive! Trailer (1980)

19 March 1980

A woman's search for her missing sister leads her to the jungles of New Guinea, where she and an expatriate guide encounter a cult leader and flesh-hungry natives.

Messalina Against the Son of Hercules Trailer (1964)

27 June 1964

While fighting in Britain, Roman forces commanded by Caligula capture the noble warrior, Glaucus. Seeing in him gladiator material, Caligula takes Glaucus back to Rome along with other hostages including Glaucus's girlfriend, Ena.

Man from Deep River Trailer (1972)

07 August 1972

A photographer in the rain forest is captured by wild natives, and after months of living with them, he marries the chief's daughter and helps protect the village from a vicious cannibal tribe.

Seven Blood-Stained Orchids Trailer (1972)

30 June 1972

A woman, a survivor of a failed murder attempt by a person dubbed "The Half-Moon Killer" by the police, and her husband must find the connecting thread between herself, six other women, and the killer before the killer strikes at her again.

Primal Rage Trailer (1988)

01 December 1988

A scientist at a Florida university inadvertently creates a "rage virus" while performing experiments intended to restore dead brain tissue in baboons.

Ironmaster Trailer (1983)

10 March 1983

A tale that takes place at the dawn of history. The movie tells the story of a tribe that discovers how to fashion weapons out of iron and use them for their own survival.

Spasmo Trailer (1974)

16 February 1974

While walking along the beach, Christian (Robert Hoffmann) and his girlfriend discover a mysterious woman washed ashore.

A Gun for One Hundred Graves Trailer (1968)

24 August 1968

At the end of the Civil War, Jim Slade, a young confederate soldier and conscientious objector, returns to his ranch to find his parents murdered and the ranch practically destroyed.

Syndicate Sadists Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

A biker's brother is killed while investigating the kidnapping of a young boy, the byproduct of a war between two crime families.

The Spy Who Loved Flowers Trailer (1966)

12 August 1966

Three enemy agents lead a government security man on a perilous trail as the hunter becomes the hunted.

All Out Trailer (1968)

27 March 1968

The Indian called Copper Face is suspected to have stolen a large quantity of gold from a bank.

Ghosthouse Trailer (1988)

21 May 1988

A group of unlikely companions receive a radio call leading to a deserted house with a grisly past. After exploring the house, the group makes the foolish decision to split up, leading to a trail of death and destruction as the house unleashes its deadly past.

Samson and the Slave Queen Trailer (1963)

13 December 1963

The king of Nogara dies, leaving behind a will naming one of his nieces as his successor. Will it be blonde and virtuous Isabella or evil, dark-haired Malva? Each woman relies on a hero to locate the will.

Almost Human Trailer (1974)

08 August 1974

A psychotic small-time criminal realizes that the everyday robberies, rapes and murders he commits aren't profitable enough, so he figures to hit the big time by kidnapping the daughter of a rich man.

Brothers Till We Die Trailer (1978)

17 August 1978

Brothers Till We Die (Italian: La banda del gobbo) is an Italian poliziottesco-action film directed in 1978 by Umberto Lenzi.

Desert Commandos Trailer (1967)

01 September 1967

German commandos are dropped behind enemy lines in the Sahara Desert tasked with getting to Casablanca in an assassination attempt on allied leaders.

Death Rage Trailer (1976)

22 October 1976

A professional killer is lured into a deadly double-cross when he agrees to assassinate a Mafia kingpin.

Violent Naples Trailer (1976)

07 August 1976

Inspector Betti (Maurizio Merli) is transferred to Naples and immediately after his arrival receives a warm welcome from The Commandante (Barry Sullivan), the city's crime lord.

From Hell to Victory Trailer (1979)

19 July 1979

From Hell To Victory follows the relationship of six friends throughout the Second World War. They meet in a cafe in Paris on 24th August 1939 and agree to meet there on the same day every year.

House of Lost Souls Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

Foolish young people take shelter in in old house or in this case, hotel and all hell then breaks loose.

Detective Malone Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

The producers of the Black Cobra series create an odd patch work film out of out takes and reused footage.

Eyeball Trailer (1975)

24 January 1975

Killer in red cape and hood is killing off tourists on a tour bus by gouging out thier eyeballs.

Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered - Volume 1 Trailer (2008)

06 March 2008

No overview found.

Rome, Armed to the Teeth Trailer (1976)

10 October 1976

A tough, violent cop who doesn't mind bending the law goes after a machine-gun-carrying, hunchbacked psychotic killer.

008: Operation Exterminate Trailer (1965)

03 September 1965

The British Secret Service sends agent 006 (Alberto Lupo) to Cairo, to collaborate with an American colleague in searching for a stolen anti-radar device.

Free Hand for a Tough Cop Trailer (1976)

27 August 1976

Free Hand for a Tough Cop (Italian: Il trucido e lo sbirro, also known as Tough Cop) is an Italian poliziottesco-action film directed in 1976 by Umberto Lenzi.

Wartime Trailer (1987)

26 August 1987

Temple of the White Elephant Trailer (1964)

28 March 1964

Temple of the White Elephant

Paranoia Trailer (1969)

07 February 1969

Kathryn West, a glamorous American widow, arrives in Italy several weeks after the death of her older, extremely wealthy husband.

So Sweet... So Perverse Trailer (1969)

31 October 1969

Industrialist Jean is living a jet set life in late sixties Paris. Things are not so well at home with his frigid wife Danielle.

Knife of Ice Trailer (1972)

24 August 1972

As a thirteen year old, Martha Caldwell witnessed the death of her parents in a terrible railway accident.

Kriminal Trailer (1966)

23 December 1966

Diabolik was the "Genius of Crime", Kriminal was known as the "Genius of Evil". While the character was created after Diabolik, it was the first to make it to the big screen.

The Triumph of Robin Hood Trailer (1962)

14 September 1962

Adventure film about the popular hero Robin Hood, and how he and his partisans take on the defence of King Richard Lion-Heart's interests against his brother John, while the former is in the Holy Land.

Hornsby e Rodriguez - Sfida criminale Trailer (1992)

17 July 1992

Nightmare Beach Trailer (1989)

01 September 1989

Diablo is a biker gang leader executed for the murder of a young woman. A year after his death, it's time for Spring Break.

Legion of the Damned Trailer (1969)

11 August 1969

A british army colonel is angry with his superiors after his entire platoon is slaughtered by the Germans in what he saw as a suicide mission.

The Biggest Battle; Battle Force Trailer (1978)

07 February 1978

A story of how World War II affected the lives of a German family and an American family, both of whom had sons and fathers fighting in the war.

Sandokan the Great Trailer (1963)

09 October 1963

After the capture of the Sultan of Muluder, Sandokan, the sultan's son, leads a guerilla army through treacherous jungles to free his father and defeat Queen Victoria's army of invaders.

The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist Trailer (1977)

03 February 1977

This is probably the best example of a 70's Italian crime movie, though not the "best" movie of the genre (does that make sense?).

Temple of a Thousand Lights Trailer (1965)

16 January 1965

Richard Harrison stars as Alan Foster, a notorious bank robber from NYC hiding out in India. He get the bright idea to steal the "Mountain of Light," a large diamond encased in the forehead of a 20 foot religious Buddha.

Queen of the Seas Trailer (1961)

01 December 1961

Redhead Mary is a girl who dresses like a man to better approach, and rob the jewels worn by the pretty ladies of her time.

Tarzan in the Golden Grotto Trailer (1969)

12 June 1969

Tarzan helps the Amazons defeat two gangsters who wished to take over a sacred gold treasure from the women's tribe.

From Corleone to Brooklyn Trailer (1979)

13 April 1979

Maurizio Merli takes up a familiar role as Commissioner Berni; a cop who puts his life on the line to transport a witness from Corleone to New York City in order to testify against a mob boss on trial for murder.

The House Of Witchcraft Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

A man recently discharged from hospital after suffering what appears to be a nervous breakdown, is taken to a remote Italian villa by his strangely-behaving wife.

Hunt for the Golden Scorpion Trailer (1991)

01 March 1991

In the deepest, most remote part of the Amazon, a treasure is hidden! A treasure so valuable that men would kill for it, women would undress for it, and entire armies would fight for it !

Catherine of Russia Trailer (1963)

12 January 1963

Caterina finds out that her husband Peter Tzar of Russia, is plotting to kill her. She sets Count Orlov free from prison, Peter's sworn enemy, becomes empress of Russia and leads the Cossacks army against him.

Pierino the Pest to the Rescue Trailer (1982)

09 January 1982

Daughter of the Jungle Trailer (1982)

14 August 1982

Two college students decide to take a vacation to the Amazon. While in a small village getting supplies, they provoke the anger of a local scoundrel, whose ruffians beat them up.

Superseven chiama Cairo Trailer (1965)

30 December 1965

Hitcher in the Dark Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

Sick young man drives around in his daddy's camper, looking for lone stray females to kidnap, torture, rape, and murder.

Striker Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

John Slade is hired to rescue a journalist named Frank Morris from a Sandinista prison in Nicaragua. He teams with Marta, a local woman, to carry out this mission, but then he's captured, tortured, and forced to deal with the fact that he's been betrayed.

Sandokan: Pirate of Malaysia Trailer (1964)

16 October 1964

Filmed in Singapore it tells the story of Sandokan who is a Malaysian rebel who, with a group of renegades, goes up against a British General who is trying to force the King to resign.

The Invincible Masked Rider Trailer (1963)

29 March 1963

An Italian in Greece Trailer (1958)

01 January 1958

Umberto Lenzis first film

I tre sergenti del Bengala Trailer (1964)

29 December 1964

Duel of Fire Trailer (1962)

21 April 1962

Obscure historical adventure about a fugitive who is forced into an alliance with a band of robbers.

A Million Dollars for 7 Murders Trailer (1966)

18 November 1966

Gang War in Milan Trailer (1973)

21 February 1973

A Milan pimp faces off against a ruthless and greedy French gangster whom wants to unite organized crime in Italy.