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Toc Toc Trailer (2017)

01 September 2017

Toc Toc is a 2017 Spanish comedy film directed by Vicente Villanueva. The movie follows the adventures and misadventures of a group of patients with OCD dated at the same time.

Kika Trailer (1993)

28 October 1993

Kika, a young cosmetologist, is called to the mansion of Nicolas, an American writer to make-up the corpse of his stepson, Ramon.

What Have I Done to Deserve This? Trailer (1984)

24 October 1984

Almodóvar has described his fourth film as a homage to Italian Neorealism, although this tribute also involves jokes about paedophilia, prostitution, and a telekenetic child.

We Need to Talk Trailer (2016)

26 February 2016

Going Down in Morocco Trailer (1989)

11 April 1989

A girl, who lives together with her cousin who earns some money by dealing and her boyfriend who is a policeman, is regularly transporting some drugs from Marocco for her cousin.

Queens Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

In Spain, a couple of days before a collective gay wedding, the lives of five mothers, whose sons will get married, are entwined: Judge Helena is in charge of the ceremony; the entrepreneur in hotel business Magda is hosting the guests in her hotel and is responsible for the banquet, while facing a strike leaded by her lover and chef; the nymphomaniac Nuria is facing problems due to her disease; the wealthy Reyes is having a crush for the father of her son's mate and her gardener; and the Argentinean cooker Ofelia is facing financial problems and difficulties in with her son's mate.

Year of Enlightment Trailer (1986)

05 December 1986

April, 1940. Manolo, 16 years old, and Jesus, who is just 8, are taken by their older brother Pepe, a lieutenant in the Army, to a sanatorium for children suffering from tuberculosis, situated on the border with Portugal.

Trout Trailer (1978)

01 February 1978

Why Do They Call It Love When They Mean Sex? Trailer (1993)

12 February 1993

Gloria is a porn artist that performs live-sex. When his mate gets sick he brings her a young substitute, Manu.

La vida alegre Trailer (1987)

14 April 1987

Ana starts working as a Doctor in the S.T.I.U. (sexual transmission illnesses unit) at a Hospital. She begins meeting a lot of strange and bizarre characters there, while her jealous husband has to deal with it.

Be Wanton and Tread No Shame Trailer (1985)

05 December 1985

Pablo and Fernando, owners of a children's book publishing company about to go bankrupt, have managed through unorthodox means to contract the country's best-selling author, Adela Mora.

El orden cómico Trailer (1986)

07 April 1986

One of the presidential candidates whose main campaign promise to end crime. When a day come back home with his wife, found the lifeless body of her son who had come to steal.

Sugar Times Trailer (2001)

15 June 2001

Miguel is a child that loves her neighbour Ángela and enjoy working in the pastry-cook's shop of his family.

Madrid, Costa Fleming Trailer (1976)

26 April 1976

Sexy comedy.

Ali Trailer (2012)

25 March 2012

In a role reversal that is challenging for any young adult, Ali has become a caretaker to her mother’s delicate mental health.

Pink Sauce Trailer (1992)

23 January 1992

Ana's husband is the perfect wealthy middle-class man. Koro's husband is a cook with no more ambitions.

Moros y cristianos Trailer (1987)

28 October 1987

A family owned a nougat factory moves to Madrid to promote your product in a food fair, against the advice of family patriarch and founder of the company, Don Fernando Planchadell, which remains true to its principles.

I Love You Baby Trailer (2001)

26 October 2001

Marcos, a boy looking sad and long-term projects, comes to the big city with the intention to find himself.

Sin vergüenza Trailer (2001)

29 June 2001

A script fell to Isabel by chance. In reading it you realize it's the same story of the romance she had with the film director Mario Fabra, author of the script.

La guerra de papá Trailer (1977)

18 September 1977

What Makes Women Laugh? Trailer (1997)

25 February 1997

Luci (Verónica Forqué), Graci (Candela Peña) and Mar­ (Adriana Ozores), three sisters that make a comedy trio, go to the wedding of their father with a woman who is 45 years younger than him.

El baile del pato Trailer (1989)

23 August 1989

Spanish comedy.

Everybody Calls Me 'The Cat' Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

El segundo poder Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

The Song of the Cicada Trailer (1980)

12 September 1980

La fierecilla domada Trailer (1979)

21 March 1979

Enloquecidas Trailer (2008)

11 April 2008

Blanca confesses to her aunt Barbara she met the man of her live and he disappeared. By chance in a charming old couples house for sale, they find his picture.

La dama boba Trailer (2006)

24 March 2006

Comedy about a fool woman that in reality is clever and fools everybody.

Madrid Trailer (1987)

18 March 1987

Hans, a German director, is in Madrid to film a television production about the capital and the Civil War, 50 years after it occurred.

El tiempo de la felicidad Trailer (1997)

04 July 1997

It's summer 1970, and the hippie movement has taken over an entire generation. In a beach house, a very unique family begins their summer vacation, which will change everyone's lives: Fernando (the father) an actor, Lucia (the mother) devoted housewife, and their four children- Chucho (the eldest), Elena (the intellectual), Juan (car-crazy) and Veronica (the youngest).

Self Esteem Trailer (1994)

23 September 1994

A woman married to a bank director sees how her life is destroyed in a matter of hours when the police discovers that her husband has escaped with money from the bank.

Una pareja... distinta Trailer (1974)

16 September 1974

Don Juan, My Dear Ghost Trailer (1990)

24 August 1990

Seville, November 1, 1990. Tenorio goes out of his grave, as every year. Similarly, Juan Marquina, a great actor, makes the general rehearsal of a musical version of the play.