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La Cenicienta Boricua Trailer (2015)

12 November 2015

The famous fairy tale of Cinderella is adapted to our times, considering as background the present situation of Puerto Rican coffee growers.

Jugando al esconder Trailer (2009)

12 October 2009

The story of a mother and her four children and their struggle to survive the abuse of her love partner.

¡Qué buena vida! Trailer (2005)

13 June 2005

Portrays two wealthy families who encourage the acquisition of money through the easy way and the effects of their illicit actions.

El desvío... la escena del crimen Trailer (2005)

21 November 2005

Two stories intersect, with violence as a common axis. An inside look into the world of youth boxing, full of championship illusions, combined with jealousy and envy.

Quiéreme mucho Trailer (2005)

19 December 2005

Families gather to receive the New Year. But this meeting brings a series of confessions that will make for a very peculiar evening.

Las infieles Trailer (2007)

25 July 2007

A drama showing infidelity from the unique perspective of women. The one who was betrayed, the one who does it for fun, the obsessed, and the one on the verge of committing an infidelity, all presented without judgment about what is right and what is wrong.

Los Reyes: la verdadera historia del Búster y el Camaleón Trailer (2014)

04 December 2014

Inspired on the true story of drug lord José Figueroa Agosto, commonly known as Junior Cápsula. A Puerto Rican drug convict escapes from jail and flees to Santo Domingo, where he continues his drug business and meets a woman who becomes his lover.

El corillo Trailer (2012)

25 February 2012

Human needs are explored in a group of adolescents who find themselves in a tutorial room in preparation for the university's entrance exam.

Por carambola Trailer (2011)

12 March 2011

Three stories relating in adoption. The first presents a couple facing the loss of their baby through an assault.

La nena se casa... en Navidad Trailer (2012)

16 December 2012

Adalberto's life turns upside down when his daughter Sylvia announces she's getting married.

¿Pacto de silencio? Trailer (2012)

05 November 2012

La recompensa Trailer (2008)

15 September 2008

A young woman flees just before her wedding day and disappears to avoid facing the consequences of her actions.

La otra mafia Trailer (2003)

04 April 2003

Five prominent politicians are celebrating the bachelor party of one of them, but an accident occurs and a person dies.

La última noche Trailer (2006)

21 November 2006

Robert and Juliana are very much in love and plan to marry, but Juliana's father opposes the marriage because there is a debt pending.

La cocina Trailer (2007)

19 November 2007

A group of Latin American immigrants work in a Puerto Rican restaurant.

Cuéntame tu pena Trailer (2002)

01 September 2002

A woman hosts a nocturnal radio program, in which people can release their anguish. The call of a woman with a sexual addiction problem will trigger the suspense when she is killed while her call is in the air.

Vidas paralelas Trailer (2006)

19 December 2006

Two love stories intertwine the past and present Puerto Rico. In the first, the only woman in history to be sentenced to death in the island.

Sucedió en Branderí Trailer (2005)

25 September 2005

Based on a true story, Jossie is a young Puerto Rican mother, who is a victim of her husband's aggression.

El despertar Trailer (2007)

17 December 2007

A woman suffers a disillusionment and travels to her homeland to spend Christmas and disconnect and forget the lovesickness.

Nene lindo Trailer (2007)

24 September 2007

A mature and professionally successful woman travels to Puerto Rico and finds herself victim of Cupid, who wraps her in the indestructible networks of love.

El pan nuestro Trailer (2004)

02 January 2004

The story of Ana Belén, who has to give her daughter Gilda to her best friend and foster sister Maribel, because she must serve a prison sentence.

Amores extremos Trailer (2004)

30 August 2004

Aurora, a renowned and talented Spanish painter, travels to Puerto Rico accompanying her boyfriend Mauricio, who must be reunited with his family after many years.

Abierto 24 horas Trailer (2003)

24 August 2003

A taxi driver, who becomes the anonymous confidant of his passengers, witnesses the various stories they tell him.

Dile que la quiero Trailer (2003)

20 July 2003

Two women are tied to the same man. The deception is not discovered until his death, which will provoke a strong encounter between them.

En cuarentena Trailer (2003)

24 November 2003

A group of actors is shooting a film in Aguas Buenas, based on the legend of a magician. There, they become infected with the honesty syndrome, which unleashes a number of hidden secrets to come to light.

Santa Clós es Boricua Trailer (2004)

18 December 2004

Modern version of A Christmas Carol.

El mar no perdona Trailer (2005)

24 April 2005

Portrays with successful realism the drama of Dominicans who risk their lives by embarking on small boats to cross the Mona Passage bound for Puerto Rico, in search of a better future.

Barrio Obrero Trailer (2004)

27 October 2004

The story of two adolescents whose love is threatened by the violence they live in their school.

Promesa de Reyes Trailer (2003)

02 December 2003

The story of a family that is threatened by expropriation. The struggle of a woman becomes the struggle of the entire neighborhood.

Historia de un trompetista Trailer (2004)

02 March 2004

Located in a popular neighborhood, three stories are interwoven by means of violence. The struggles and vicissitudes of a group of young people seeking to get out of the negative environment that threatens to consume their lives is portrayed.

La pipa es lo de menos Trailer (2005)

24 August 2005

It deals with eating disorders affecting the Puerto Rican society, particularly children.

En el ojo del huracán Trailer (1998)

02 August 1998

The death and burial of the patriarch of a Vega Baja family provokes the reunion of all his sons and wives, who have been estranged for six years.

The Night Toño Bicicleta Appeared Trailer (1997)

01 November 1997

Three couples camping in a Puerto Rican town have an unexpected encounter with a famous criminal, changing their lives forever.

Amores que matan Trailer (2001)

02 January 2001

A fictional story inspired by the Utuado Massacre, in which the father of a family, in a cold-blooded manner, murdered his wife and his four children.

En el día menos pensado Trailer (1999)

02 December 1999

Two couples see their lives transformed after the tragedy of losing a child. Both families face the loss in their own way, allowing feelings of guilt, deny, and jealousy to surface, until family disintegration is almost inevitable.

Coralito y sus dos maridos Trailer (1999)

02 January 1999

Coralito is the wife of Paulino, who dies but never leaves her. Especially when she marries the town doctor, Hernán.

La fiebre Trailer (2002)

02 May 2002

A group of young people, lovers of speed and in need of fun, are engaged in clandestine races, where passion boils and are mixed with blood, jealousy, revenge, and challenging authority.

Cuando las mujeres quieren a los hombres Trailer (2001)

29 June 2001

In an ex-alumni meeting, five friends meet and acknowledge their regret that they have not been able to get out of life what they always proposed.

Culebra USA Trailer (2000)

04 December 2000

Three shipwreck survivors reach the shores of a deserted island used to carry out military experiments.

Asesinato en primer grado Trailer (1998)

02 January 1998

Selva is a prominent television host and her husband is a successful producer. Together they will embark on the adventure of producing a film, which will mirror their own passions.

El callejón de los cuernos Trailer (1998)

02 January 1998

The story of two cousins struggling in the world of drugs and chaos in the neighborhood of La Perla of Old San Juan.

¿Quién le tiene miedo al Cuco? Trailer (2000)

02 January 2000

La noche que tumbaron al campeón Trailer (2002)

04 March 2002

The most anticipated night for all, where a boxing champion fights for his title. A woman tries to commit suicide and a fugitive tries to find a way out.

Locos de amor Trailer (2001)

17 September 2001

Two young people fall in love amid a gang war in a public housing project in Puerto Rico.

La primera finalista Trailer (2000)

02 January 2000

El tesoro del Yunque Trailer (2001)

17 November 2001

A group of children camp in the yard of their grandmother's house in the outskirts of El Yunque. Plunged into a fantastic collective dream, the children get lost in El Yunque and experience the adventure of finding their way home, as they meet themselves and three magical characters who represent our cultural mix: an indian, a black freed slave, and a Spanish gentleman.

Oso Blanco Trailer (1999)

02 January 1999

Filmed in the maximum security section of the State Penitentiary, Oso Blanco is the story of three individuals and their vision of freedom, and how prison life makes the characters take unexpected actions.