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Chasing Rewind Trailer (2016)

13 September 2016

A love letter to the video store.

Reversed Trailer (2013)

01 September 2013

Reversed Trailer (2013)

01 September 2013

Human Nature Trailer (2004)

19 January 2004

Necrophagia - Nightmare Scenarios Trailer (2004)

31 October 2004

Horror-metal is definitely an acquired taste. The band Necrophagia is blasting through each of these short horror vignettes and you really have to appreciate metal not to get totally turned off.

Vampires vs. Zombies Trailer (2004)

13 April 2004

It's a face-off against two of the most evil supernatural forces: vampires fueled by bloodlust and zombies who've come back from the dead to prey on the living.