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Muchacho Solitario Trailer (1998)

10 December 1998

Two cousins learn the value of life through a singing competition, which earn to pay all debts of their family.

A Tame Song for a Brave People Trailer (1976)

14 August 1976

Gilberto, a young man from the countryside, arrives in the city with the aim of carving out a future for himself.

Carmen Trailer (1978)

11 October 1978

Carmen is a beautiful woman working in a business that is dedicated to smuggling. One day, Carmen fights and hurts to a smuggler woman, so a sergeant in the National Guard, José Navarro, stops detain her.

Los Pájaros se van con la Muerte Trailer (2013)

17 September 2013

The obsession of The Mother for The Negro causes her sick relationship with The Daughter. Mother and daughter perform a daily routine of rites to conjure The Negro's soul.

Miranda Regresa Trailer (2007)

16 November 2007

.Un periodista se introduce clandestinamente en la celda de Miranda, en la Carraca el 10 de Julio de 1816.

Zamora, tierra y hombres libres Trailer (2010)

01 October 2010

Venezuela, the mid-nineteenth century. The polarization between liberals and conservatives marked the political agenda.

Días de Poder Trailer (2011)

03 June 2011

The film tells the story of Fernando Quintero (Gustavo Camacho), revolutionary leader who, after the fall of the dictatorship of Marcos Perez Jimenez, ascends to power, betraying their ideals to become an accomplice of repression against whom he fought.

Los Platos del Diablo Trailer (1995)

14 April 1995

Ricardo Azolar is looking for the right words, the exact phrases that will give him literary glory. The days are sterile and lacking in those brilliant ideas that should allow him to express through narrative, the fertile flow arising from the imagination.

Adiós Alicia Trailer (1977)

27 April 1977

Alice is a girl devoid of affection seeking refuge in the images shown in the movie screen of a theater that his father manages.

Móvil Pasional Trailer (1994)

02 February 1994

Gyula Kodar is a commissioner who investigates the murder of an American executive. Keep track of Macabí, an ex and former lover of Mary Laya, widow of the victim.

Second Offender Trailer (1977)

24 November 1977

Ramon Antonio Brizuela is a criminal whose life passes between rounds, parties and showdowns. Recognized by a witness during an assault, he is taken to jail where he becomes aware of the unfair and corrupt judicial system.

Crab Trailer (1982)

22 April 1982

Commissioner Leon (Miguel Angel Landa) of the Technical Judicial Police is assigned to the kidnapping of a child of the upper class of Caracas.